Best Makeup Organizers in Canada You NEED to Check Out


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Makeup organizers have become a huge hit with the rise of beauty youtubers who need a whole room just for their makeup. This made us think to write this post on where to buy the best makeup organizers in 2021 so you can have an amazing makeup organizer for your own home.

Makeup organizers don’t need to be expensive or complicated in order to hold your makeup. You can get a few of them and piece them together on your makeup vanity or bathroom.

If you have a bathroom with a longer sink that is great but if you don’t some of these makeup organizers are made for a small space so you don’t have to worry.

I have been using a makeup organizer for years that I bought off of Amazon. There are other retailers that have the best makeup organizers and they include: Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

If you’re looking for a way to store all of your makeup products so that you can see everything then keep reading this post to find out where to buy the best makeup organizers 2021. Also this list is geared for those looking to buy makeup organizers in Canada. If you are from the U.S. these will likely be the same for you but the prices will be in Canadian (bonus for you!).

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond in Canada is known for their always on 20% off coupon. Be sure to visit their website here and take full advantage of the 20% off discount on top of the prices I’ve listed. Bed Bath and Beyond has a ton of makeup organizers and you can view the whole assortment here.

iDesign 3-Drawer Clear Stackable Cosmetic Organizer – $36.99 CAD

Bed bath and beyond canada makeup organizer

This 3-Drawer Clear Stackable makeup organizer is perfect if you have a small space. The fact that there are three of them and they are stackable will help you separate your makeup products and allow you to build upward. The bottom part of the cube is deeper so if you have loose powders or products that are bulky they can go in the bottom. You can put your blushes and contour products in the middle and smaller lipsticks or eyeshadows on top. What you can also do with this organizer is buy a cup for your makeup brushes and stack those on top too so you have maximized your small space!

IDesign Luci 3-Drawer Organizer – $31.49

The difference with the Luci 3-Drawer Organizer is that all three compartments are slimmer and they act as one unit. The drawers slide out but since they are all the same size if you have bulky items this may not work for you. This is a great option if you have a lot of makeup brushes or flat compacts. This could essentially hold all of your eye makeup and face products as long as they lay flat. The top is also lipped so you can store items on top such as creams or nice bottles for a very nice look and feel on the vanity.

Mesch Cosmetic Organizer Carousel – $41.99

The Mesh Cosmetic Organizer Carousel is perfect if you have a variety of different products and sizes. For example, you can store makeup brushes upright but you can also stack blush compacts and other tubed items. The mesh baskets come off so if you have a small space and wanted to put half on one side of your vanity and half on the other. It also spins around so you don’t have to fumble through messy drawers or a makeup case to find your makeup!


Walmart has some amazing makeup organizers. If you’re looking for the clear ones that have a lot of drawers you should checkout Walmart. Walmart also has a lot of portable makeup caddies and organizers and I’ll list the best ones below.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer with 7 Drawer Large Compartment – $25.99

This acrylic makeup organizer is very similar to the ones you can get from Amazon. It has 7 compartments with 1 being a large drawer at the bottom. I actually have this one and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my vanity.

I can fit so much makeup in this makeup organizer and it definitely is one of the best makeup organizers in 2021. The drawers slide out easily and I love how the top two are smaller for objects of that size.

If you’re looking for one giant amazing clear acrylic organizer you’ll be very happy with this one!


Wayfair is one of those home furniture websites that have more than just furniture! Wayfair pretty much has everything you need and that includes makeup organizers. Wayfair actually has some of the best makeup organizers and a huge selection as well. They also have more unique items including a round makeup organizer which I’ll list down below.

Mullican Cosmetic Storage Box – $57.99

This is the most unique makeup storage solution I have ever seen. It looks so beautiful on any desk or makeup vanity and it holds a TON of products. The top part of this makeup organizer is glass but the doors close with a magnet so you don’t have to worry about fumbling with little findings. If you have pretty perfume bottles this is the perfect makeup vanity to store them in. There are four other compartments, one being larger than the rest. This is the perfect unit to store lipsticks and lay them down flat and makeup brushes as well. This cosmetic storage box is really a one size fits all.

Rebrilliant 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer – $46.99

If you’re looking for a rotating makeup organizer that will hold everything, this one by Rebrilliant has you covered. As you can see from the photos, anything you can stand up it holds. If you’re a lipstick fanatic, you’ll want this makeup organizer because it holds lipstick bullets very well. It has 7 different layers which you can move around and adjust the height depending on the products you have. It can hold about 63 pieces of products depending on the size of each of course but that is the average product that it holds. This is also really great for skincare, a lot of skincare junkies have this rotating makeup organizer that I’ve seen in their TikTok videos.

Sorbus Large Deluxe Interchangeable Makeup Organizer with Four Prints – $49.99

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing makeup organizers I have ever seen. Usually, makeup organizers are clear and plain acrylic but this one allows you to take pre cut printed pieces and give it a unique look and feel. All of the compartments are interchangeable so you can change the configuration to any way you like. The entire unit can remain stacked or you can pull the pieces apart. This is a good starter makeup organizer for beginners or teens because it’s really fun and you can add as little or as much makeup as you like!

There you have the best makeup organizers you can buy in Canada 2021. You can also buy these makeup organizers elsewhere but these are the best ones you can find in Canada.

Be sure to do your research at each of these retailers because there are more makeup organizers that I didn’t add to the list.


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