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Skims Leggings

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If you love the look of Skims lounge wear and sets but don’t know where to buy Skims in Canada, keep reading this post for an in depth look at Skims Canada plus Skims dupes in Canada.

Skims is a shapewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian.

Skims has exploded since the launch and is now worldwide. Kim Kardashian is actively involved in creating the Skims line and models all of the collections.

Skims is more than just a shapewear line they also carry loungewear, body suits, shorts, seamless tank tops and underwear too. They celebrate different body types and the fabrics cater to everyone.

The most recent collection that launched is the Twist which features a very skimpy top that twists in front and underwear that twists on the sides.

Whatever your body type, there’s something for everyone from Skims but there are also a lot of Skims dupes out there.

Keep reading to find out where to buy Skims in Canada and how to get dupes if you don’t want to buy the real thing.

How to Buy Skims in Canada

Great news! Skims.com has shipping to Canada. Also, you can ensure the website is in CAD and all taxes and duties are already calculated at checkout.

You also get FREE Express shipping when you spend over $100. Most things on the website are about $65 – 75 so if you buy two or more items you essentially get free shipping to Canada .

Shipping to Canada has two flat fees from Skims.com. You can either pay a $10 CAD flat fee for Standard Courier shipping that takes 8 – 12 business days, or $15 CAD flat fee for Express Courier Shipping that takes 5 – 10 business days. Let’s face it, for something as simple as loungewear at home I suggest you take the Standard Courier Shipping for $10 CAD.

Since the main brand is in USD, the prices will be converted to Canadian if you choose to shop on the Canadian website of Skims.com.

Skims is a bit expensive for the type of underwear and loungewear that you can get pretty much at Walmart, Hudson’s Bay or even Winners. However, if you love the look of Skims and want something similar to the Cozy Knit set then you will want to buy Skims from Skims.com for the quality.

For example, take the Skims Cozy Knit Shorts that are $95 CAD. If you purchase these then at checkout your total will be: $117.00. See screenshot below for a full breakdown. You can see if you’re Canadian, once you put in your address at Skims.com, the taxes your province pays will be calculated at the total so you won’t have to pay any taxes when you receive your package. However, you still may need to pay duties because you can see in the fine print that Skims does not guarantee any additional charges on delivery.

Skims Coupon Codes

Skims does offer coupon codes from time to time. This mostly happens when there is a big end of season sale, the website will give you a universal code. When you sign up for the Skims email list, you will get a coupon code to save 20% off your first order. You should absolutely sign up for the email list even if you cancel your subscription after you make your first purchase.

Skims Dupes in Canada

As you can see, buying from Skims.com in Canada is pretty expensive so you may want to explore some Skims dupes in Canada. There are stores such as Walmart, Joe Fresh and Ardene that carry items very similar to Skims. Keep reading to find out the best Skims Dupes in Canada for each retailer.


I have found the best Skims Dupes in Walmart for their shapewear and seamless tank tops. I wear these with jeans and the bottom doesn’t rise up. Walmart has a variety of colours in their shapewear that match the Skims aesthetic as well so definitely check them out.

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh arguably has the best selection of Skims dupes in Canada. From their entire loungewear collection, you can see that Joe Fresh has made items VERY similar to Skims.

Their activewear selection is the best because it is double knit and has 4 way stretch. People love Skims for the way they feel on the body and I have a feeling Kim Kardashian would love this cropped activewear set.

On Joe Fresh, if you navigate to Womens > Intimates you can see some of the loungewear sets that are very similar to Skims. Joe has seamless underwear which is a big seller for Skims and seamless shapewear.

You can see that Joe Fresh has taken the Skims approach in making shapewear in all different shades of neutral for all skin tones. See below for an example of their Smoothing Short and Seamless Bandeau which actually looks like it has been created by Skims!


Ardene is an accessories and apparel retailer only available in Canada. Ardene is known for their cheap accessories but they have since expanded into clothing. They do have a lot of dupes of high end clothing and I can tell you they have a lot of Skims dupes.

The Ardene bodysuit is an exact dupe of the Skims bodysuit and it is only $11.99!

Ardene Bodysuit

Wherever you choose to shop, just know there are always alternatives out there. Skims is also pretty good quality so sometimes when you pay more you get a solid product.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this Skims Canada review and dupes!


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