Where to Buy Ofra Cosmetics in Canada

Where to buy Ofra in Canada

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You may have heard about Ofra Cosmetics from YouTubers such as Samantha March and Kathleen Lights. Ofra Cosmetics are known for their highlighters, eyeshadow palettes and lipglosses. Ofra Cosmetics is one of the biggest selling cosmetics companies in the world but you may be wondering where to buy Ofra Cosmetics in Canada?

If you are from Canada, you will NOT be able to buy Ofra Cosmetics from Sephora, you will have to shop from OfraCosmetics.com. This guide will tell you how to buy Ofra Cosmetics in Canada if you want to try some of their epic highlighters and other makeup products.

There are two ways to buy Ofra Cosmetics in Canada. Either you can shop on OfraCosmetics.com directly or online at Ulta Beauty.

Does Ofra Cosmetics Ship to Canada?

Yes! Ofra ships to Canada for a fee of $14.00. Keep in mind that all the prices on the website are in USD including shipping, so everything you buy will be at least 20% more. You will also have to pay any duties and taxes depending on the items you buy which are up to you to pay for.

Each order to Canada can take 2 – 4 weeks depending on fulfillment times.

Is Ofra a Good Brand?

Ofra is a fairly good brand. It is mid-luxury meaning that it isn’t too expensive but it is higher than a drugstore brand. I would say Ofra Cosmetics is very comparable to Becca Cosmetics. Since Becca Cosmetics is going out of business and is known for its highlighters as well, Ofra Cosmetics is a great secondary option if you love to glow.

Where are Ofra Cosmetics Made?

Ofra Cosmetics are made in the United States of America. Ofra is also vegan and cruelty free for all of the products that they create.

Does Ofra Cosmetics Accept Returns from Canada?

Yes. Ofra accepts returns from Canada within 30 days of the delivery date. There are exceptions to the return policy:

  • Ofra does not accept returns on collaboration makeup such as OFRA x Samantha March etc
  • Ofra does not accept returns on certain highlighters such as: Mother Earth Highlighter and all sale items are final sale
  • If your package is lost it becomes a nightmare to work with their customer service

Overall, there are so many reasons that Canadians would want to think twice before ordering from Ofra Cosmetics if you aren’t sure you’ll like the brand. Missing packages, extra fees and shipping could become a problem when returning an item.

You may be better off shopping at Ulta for Ofra Cosmetics if you are from Canada due to the return policy being a bit more forgivable.

Does Ulta Sell Ofra in Store?

Yes! Ulta does sell Ofra Cosmetics in their retail stores. They carry the highlighters as well as liquid lipsticks. Because I am from Canada and do not have an Ulta nearby I cannot confirm exactly how much of the Ofra assortment Ulta carries but they do have most of the products online.

The good thing about shopping from Ulta online is that they offer free gift with purchases if you buy from Ofra. Ulta’s return policy is also very flexible. You can return anything you bought online in store as well.

What are the best Ofra Products?

Ofra is known for their collections of highlighters. Ofra is also known for a very specific design made in the highlighters which is almost like a pinwheel or prism. The packaging of all of the highlighters are very similar but it is the ridges in the pressed powder and the blinding effect that make them so unique.

What makes Ofra highlighters different is their liquid-to-baked technology. The highlighter will go on with a high pigment almost looking like liquid but the formula is a baked powder. The Plush Pearl Pigmentation is also formulated so the highlight really captures the light and pick up the pigmentation in the crushed pearls.

Pictured above is the Moondance Highlighter which is arguably their best selling highlighter.

Ofra also offers highlighter palettes that have a different shades. The best highlighter palette from Ofra is the Feelin’ Myself Palette. It has three shades of their highlighter including a soft gold, bronze and pink champagne highlighter.

There are a ton of amazing highlighters and bronzers at Ofra. Click here to view their best selling products!

Another one of the best selling products from Ofra is their liquid lipsticks. The reason why people love their long lasting liquid lipsticks so much is because they last a LONG time and they are very affordable. At $20 USD these affordable liquid lipsticks are great for beginners because they are infused with Vitamin A which means it won’t dry out your lips!

There are other amazing lip products from Ofra! Click here to see the entire assortment of lip products.

Does Ofra Have Coupon Codes?

Yes! Ofra offers coupon codes at check out on their website. If you sign up for email promotions from Ofra, you will be sent coupon codes regularly. Ofra also has a huge sale section which you can check regularly for prices up to 70% off!

I hope you enjoyed this guide on where to buy Ofra Cosmetics in Canada. In short, the best places to buy Ofra in Canada is directly from OfraCosmetics.com and Ulta.com.

Please let me know if you have any questions on where to buy Ofra in Canada in the comments!


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