Where to buy Flower Beauty in Canada

Flower beauty in canada

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Flower Beauty is a cosmetics company created by Drew Barrymore. If you are wondering if Flower Beauty is available in Canada, the answer is YES but only at one major online retailer, keep reading to find out where to buy Flower Beauty in Canada!

First, a bit about Flower Beauty!

Flower Beauty is 100% cruelty free and affordable which is the brand’s motto. Unfortunately, Flower Beauty is not 100% vegan. There are some vegan product options but the entire line of makeup is not considered clean beauty.

Drew Barrymore started this makeup line to look good and have fun while enhancing her natural beauty. The brand has some amazing products such as the Blush Colour Bomb, Light Illusion Foundation and the Get Real Serum Foundation.

How to Buy Flower Beauty In Canada

As mentioned above, there really only is one major retailer in Canada where you can buy most of the products from Flower Beauty and that is Well.ca.

Since Well.ca is online only, if you live in Canada you cannot test any sample of Flower Beauty so you’ll have to go based on online reviews.

Well.ca is easy to shop if you live in Canada. Essentially, you get free shipping when you spend $35 or more which is easy to do even if you only buy two products from Flower Beauty. When I have ordered from Well.ca my order came within 2 days and I had no issues.

You can also shop for Flower Beauty on Amazon.ca but the prices aren’t the same as Well.ca. For example, the Flower Pots Blush is $13.99 on Well.ca and $29.99 on Amazon.ca. Sometimes makeup is more expensive on Amazon because there is little supply so demand rises and so do prices.

I would say Well.ca is your best bet as an authorized retailer in Canada and is a trustworthy source for Canadians. If you want to return your Flower Beauty purchase to Well.ca their return policy is pretty good but check this list to see if your item is not eligible for a return. If you do want to return one of your items, just keep it in the package and contact their customer service team.

Best Selling Products from Flower Beauty

There are definitely some stand out products from Flower Beauty namely the foundations and blushes. I’ll break down the best products from Flower Beauty as per the reviews so if you want to try a few products you’ll know which ones are worth it.

Petal Pout Lip Mask – $12.99

The Petal Pout Lip Mask has extra nourishing properties to repair lips using a recovery treatment of Mango and cocoa butter. The unique thing about the Petal Pout Lip Mask is that it’s actually tinted (different from the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask which isn’t tinted). The Petal Pout Lip Mask comes in 6 shades (including clear) so that you can repair your lips while you still look great.

Petal Play Shadow Quad Gilded Lily – $15.99

If you love bronze and neutral shades then you’ll love the Petal Play Shadow Quad in Gilded Lily. These colours are very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Exaggereyes eyeshadow quad with the rich browns and shimmery golds.

In all honesty, the Flower Beauty Petal Play Eyeshadow Quad rivals any other good quality eyeshadow that blends seamlessly. There are so many other colours of the Petal Play Eyeshadow Quads so I encourage you to check them all out at Well.ca.

Light Illusion Perfecting Powder – $19.99

The Light Illusion Perfecting Powder is one of the most innovative products from Flower Beauty. People love this product because it creates a soft focus Instagrammable filter on your face. This product is a dupe of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. It’s a finishing powder that will cancel out any imperfections with its blurring power and it’s very buildable. You can us a little or a lot depending on if you’re going to take photos or its really hot that day. You can also use it as a setting powder and the reviews on Well.ca have compared it to the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter Airbrush Finishing Powder.

Get Real Serum Foundation – $21.99

A serum foundation contains skin benefiting ingredients which helps repair skin during the day when you wear the foundation. The Get Real Serum Foundation is a hydrating and buildable foundation that helps to smooth out skin while you wear it. It contains an antioxidant serum formula that helps repair and nourish the skin as you wear it. It is also water based so it won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles. The Get Real Serum Foundation is easy to apply because you don’t need a brush – just use your fingers!

I hope you enjoyed this guide on where to buy Flower Beauty in Canada. As you can see, Well.ca has the full Flower Beauty assortment. Well.ca also releases coupon codes often so be sure to check back to this blog for the latest coupons from Well.ca!


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