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BH Cosmetics Canada

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BH Cosmetics is an affordable makeup brand that is 100% cruelty free and vegan. They specialize in bold eyeshadow palettes with a ton of fun colours and pigments. If you are wondering where to buy BH Cosmetics in Canada, keep reading because I will break down all shipping and cost information. There is also a reddit thread that asks about this question so I figured I would put it into a full buying guide for you all!

There are no stores in Canada to buy BH Cosmetics and Sephora doesn’t carry it either. If you live in Canada, you’ll have to purchase BH Cosmetics from their website but don’t worry I’ll give you the details on how to make a purchase. Also, even though BH Cosmetics is very affordable and has low price points, they always have sales on their website so be sure to always check (visit the website here), to see if there are any big sales.

If you like wild makeup looks, BH Cosmetics has the best eyeshadow palettes and lip products to stand out in a crowd. BH Cosmetics brush sets are also amazing quality at a very affordable price.

One of the best selling BH Cosmetics Collections is their Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette and Zodiac Brush Set. There are a ton of other BH Cosmetics Best Sellers which you can read about below.

Shipping to Canada from BH Cosmetics

If you live in Canada and want to order from BH Cosmetics, you will have to pay for shipping and duties. This can become expensive even if your order isn’t that much. Here is a breakdown of their international shipping:

  • International Standard Shipping – $16.83
  • International Expedited – FedEx International – $25

Lately, shipping timelines can’t be guaranteed so it doesn’t make sense to choose expedited shipping.

For Canadian taxes, the website did charge me tax on my order (not on the shipping cost). Therefore, you’ll only pay tax on the items you BUY not the shipping but keep in mind everything is in USD.

Since all prices on BH Cosmetics are in USD not CAD, you have to do the conversion in your head to make sure you know how much you are paying in the end.

Is it worth it to buy from BH Cosmetics in Canada?

I still think it is worth it to buy from BH Cosmetics if you live in Canada because the products are very affordable. There aren’t too many brands available in Canada like BH Cosmetics that are the same price and value. For example, if you order from ColourPop, you’ll still pay the same exchange rate and shipping costs (read my ColourPop buying guide here).

Therefore, if you really love the products from BH Cosmetics and live in Canada, I would say it is worth it because you cannot buy them anywhere else!

Best Selling Products from BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is known for their collections such as the Zodiac and Brazil Collections. These are very well known because makeup artists and beauty YouTubers have made these collections famous. Keep reading to find out the best selling products from BH Cosmetics for when you make your next purchase.

Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette – $27 USD

The Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette is perfect because it has beautiful shimmer jewel tones surrounding the matching matte shades in the middle. I couldn’t think of a more suitable palette for daytime to evening. If you love shimmers and matching them with matte eyeshadows the Zodiac Palette is perfect for you. The tones are very rich with greens and purples so if you have green eyes this is the palette for you. It’s a year round palette meaning that you can wear it in the colder winter months as well as summer. If you buy one thing from BH Cosmetics, the Zodiac Palette is your best value for the money!

Naughty Eyeshadow Palette – $29.00

Naughty Palette – BH Cosmetics
Naughty Palette Swatches – BH Cosmetics

The Naughty Eyeshadow Palette is a best seller of BH Cosmetics because it is a 30 pan palette that has a perfect mix of bronzes, neutrals and pops of bold bright colours. This is a limited edition holiday palette so I don’t expect it to be around for Christmas 2021. There is also a huge presence of rose golds and purples as well making this one of the most multi-functional eyeshadow palettes.

Take me Back to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette – $20

By far, one of the best deals on BH Cosmetics is the Take me Back to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette. This is a 30 pan pressed pigment palette for only $20! This is one of the most affordable rainbow coloured palettes. It reminds me of the James Charles eyeshadow palette from Morphe but even cheaper and you get the exact same colours! The yellows in this eyeshadow palette are very bold and bright as well as the greens that make you feel like you’re living in Brazil! If you like bright pressed pigments, this is the best eyeshadow palette for the money.

Take Me Back to Brazil Brush Set – $26.00

Take Me Back to Brazil Brush Set – BH Cosmetics
Take me Back to Brazil Brushes – BH Cosmetics

If you are looking for a complete brush set, the Take Me Back to Brazil Brush Set is a 10-piece brush set that has everything you need to complete a full face. The handles are metal and there are two-tone synthetic bristles with rainbow handles. Such an affordable brush set shouldn’t be passed on.

If you’re looking for a reason to buy from BH Cosmetics in Canada, I think I’ve given you a few reasons that this is an affordable brand that you’ll get a lot of value for the money. Unfortunately, since BH Cosmetics doesn’t have any stores in Canada you’ll need to shop on their website.

BH also usually releases a lot of promo codes so check back on this page for the latest BH Promo and coupon codes.

Hope you enjoyed this BH Cosmetics Canada review!


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