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Dermatologists are the best places to get professional skincare.  If you have heard of the brands such as Skinceuticals and AlumierHD then you may have also heard about VivierSkin. 

I was gifted a few products from VivierSkin which is a professional skincare line that focuses on the science of skincare first and foremost. The brand relies on its tagline: “The Beauty of Results” to tie the two notions of beauty that gets you amazing results based on what skin problems you are trying to solve.

I tried out four products including: Sunscreen lotion, Moisturizing Cream, C-Serum, Retinol and of course their number one selling eye cream that is leading in the industry.

I’ll talk about all of these products as I’ve been using them for over a few months now and have a good idea of how they wear. In order to buy VivierSkin products you’ll need to speak to your favourite rep or you can buy them on (or or BeautySense

VivierSkin is Canadian based and does have offices in the United States. As a Canadian Beauty Blogger I support this brand think it is of high quality so stay tuned for the reviews of the VivierSkin products!

Vivier Sunscreen Lotion (40 and 30 SPF)

Vivier Sunscreen Lotion
Vivier Sunscreen Lotion

If you have been told countless number of times to wear sunscreen and you’re unsure where to buy it – this is the sunscreen you’ve been waiting for! So many countless times I’ve been told to wear sunscreen under my makeup and the SPF included in your current products isn’t enough. I never knew what that meant because places like Sephora or Nordstrom don’t just carry SPF sunscreen without it being included in a product such as a moisturizer.

When I tried this product I finally understood what it meant to wear sunscreen! I use this sunscreen every SINGLE Day!!! I don’t not wear it because if you look back on your photos years later you’ll wish you had been wearing sunscreen.

In any case, the website description of the Vivier Sunscreen Lotion is completely true! It doesn’t pill, it is made for wearing under your makeup and it hydrates your skin as well. Sometimes I feel I don’t even need my serums that the sunscreen hydrates enough to skip that step!

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever not wear sunscreen again and will continue to repurchase this product every 6 months or so or as long as I need it!

VivierSkin Lexxel Moisturizing Cream

Vivier Daily Moisturizing Cream
Vivier Daily Moisturizing Cream

The VivierSkin Lexxel Moisturizing Cream is literally just a cream. If you’re looking for a straight moisturizer with no additives or any perfumes, this is the cream for you. I ues the VivierSkin Lexxel cream after my serum but before my sunscreen lotion so it allows the product to be absorbed by the skin.

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The first ingredient in the VivierSkin Lexxel Moisturizing Cream is water so that pleases me because I love a good water based moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, the Lexxel Moisturizing Cream is very soothing and you’ll feel like it’s calming your skin down if it is irritated.

This moisturizer goes really well with the cleanser that I’ll speak about in the next section.

The entire VivierSkin product line goes really well with each other if you use them altogether!

VivierSkin Hexam Gentle Cleanser

Vivier Hexam Gentle Cleanser
Vivier Hexam Gentle Cleanser

If you’re looking for a cleanser that is free from any extra scents or parabens then the VivierSkin Hexam Gentle Cleanser is certainly the one for you. Check out this review.

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The great thing about this cleanser from VivierSkin is that it is an anti-bacterial meaning that it does a good job of stripping away any bacteria including acne or any other horrible thing that shouldn’t be on the face.

It is also a handy makeup remover if you’re looking for a skin product that is just one step. The VivierSkin Hexam Gentle Cleanser really does work to fight acne because I had some small bumps on my face and it cleared them right up.

Also, you can read the reviews on Amazon here, to understand that the cleanser is really one of the best on the market!

VivierSkin C E Peptides Antioxidant Serum

Vivier Peptides Vitamin C Canada
Vivier Peptides Vitamin C Canada

There are so many vitamin C serums on the market but the VivierSkin C E Peptides Antioxidant Serum is very different from the rest. It comes with a bottle dropper so you can control how many specific drops hit your skin. Note that if you use too much vitamin C, you could break out with blackheads so it is important to use sparingly.

The VivierSkin CE Peptides Antioxidant Serum is supposed to reduce signs of aging including hyper-pigmentation. Essentially, it helps even out your skin tone so that you have you have a smoother look to your skin.

The peptides help to smooth away wrinkles and lines which is a powerful combination when combined with the vitamin C.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum vs. Vivier Vitamin C

I also used to use the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (which you can read about it here). The difference between the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and Vivier C E Peptides Antioxidant Serum is that the Truth Serum focuses more on the vitamin C portion and overall skin tone rather than wrinkles. It is a preventative measure but I don’t find that the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum makes the same claim as the Vivier Vitamin C product in terms of wrinkles.

OleHenrikson truthserum1
Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Of course, everyone is different and depending which stage in your life you are at you may be drawn to a different product. The Ole Henriksen Truth Serum comes in a pump whereas the Vivier Vitamin C comes with a dropper. Both are easy to use so it really comes down to preference of forumla.

I will also say that the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum has a sweet smell to it and it is fun to apply. The Vivier Vitamin C doesn’t have the same smell rather I find it scentless so that may also appeal to you depending on your preference for scented serums.

Vivier Platine Peptide CR Eye Cream

Vivier Peptide CR Eye Cream
Vivier Peptide CR Eye Cream

When you look at the price tag from this baby your eyes may start to water! This eye cream from Vivier is expensive but there is a secret to it.

The Platine Peptide CR Eye Cream contains retinol and antioxidant elements that help repair damaged skin but also nourish it. The eye cream is also proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce dark circles and improve the appearance overall of the eyes.

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You may be wondering what is so different with the Platine Peptide CR Eye Cream versus the other one from the Vivier line called: Vivier Radiant Eye Contour Cream. The Radiant Eye Contour cream is about 50% cheaper but it does have similar antioxidants and peptides but the Platine Peptide is the one that helps with the dark circles.

Vivier Radiant Eye Cream
Vivier Radiant Eye Cream

Regardless of the one you choose, both eye creams are superb and will give you great results.

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Vivier vs Skinceuticals

Vivier Skincare and Skinceuticals are very similar in terms of quality ingredients and are dermatologist grade. However, L’Oreal recently purchased Skinceuticals so think about that before you purchase. The quality of the ingredients could have changed based on L’Oreal’s factories. They could even decrease the quality of the formulas to make it more affordable and compromise the brand. I always feel that way when big brands buy smaller ones.

In my opinion, I would pick Vivier over Skinceuticals and I have tried both. I find Vivier more authentic and gentler on my skin but that is my experience in Canada. Skincare in Canada is important to me and as a skincare and beauty blogger I am focused on bringing you the most relevant information to Canada.

Final Thoughts on Vivier Skincare

Since I love buying luxury skincare from stores like Sephora and Nordstrom, I find that the Vivier Skincare line lives up to a luxury skincare quality. In Canada, the best way to buy Vivier Skincare is to visit your dermatologist who represents Vivier.

Let me know what you decide to do or if you have any questions about Vivier Skincare. The best place to purchase Vivier Skincare in Canada if you really want to shop online is on or on Dermstore.

Let me know what you end up purchasing if anything!

Elyssa – Canadian Beauty Blogger

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