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Bloom Beauty Toronto

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I had the pleasure of visiting a new clean beauty shop just around the corner from where I live in midtown Toronto called: Bloom Beauty.

Not only is there an abundance of curated clean beauty brands to shop from and explore, but they also offer clean beauty services as well.

We are also guided to start thinking differently about beauty which is a phrase that is written on their walls as you can see from the image.

Bloominterior 47
Bloom Beauty

I was so happy to be a guest during a launch party for this chic dynamic duo: Pam and Sam, as they opened their doors to the public.  Think “Detox Market” mixed with the girls next door. Pam and Sam have combined their expertise being in the beauty industry for years by ensuring every product that hits shelves are ones they would stand behind.

Pam and Sam Co-Owners of Bloom Beauty Toronto

Some of the clean beauty brands, including makeup and skincare, are more well known than others but I loved learning about how they differ.  Pam also delivered a mini beauty class and showed how the products and brands could create a perfect day to night face that looked like any other luxury beauty brand.

The brands that caught my eye were: Indie Lee, Coola, Ere Perez, Graydon Skincare and Vapour Beauty.  I came home with a goodie bag full of amazing products. Namely, all over lip, cheek and eye products from Vapour Beauty and a full size serum from Graydon Skincare.

Bloom Beauty is a clean beauty shop brings a unique experience to Torontonians because we don’t have many unique places in this city where you can go to a one-stop-shop for all clean beauty essentials, including services. Everything is also pink, airy and light as you can see from the photo below.

Anything pink, especially small boutiques makes me extremely happy!

Bloominterior 76
Interior of Bloom Beauty in Toronto

Clean services include: organic spray tans, microblading and lash extensions.  If you happen to choose one of these amazing services, you’ll walk downstairs to the pink sparkly floor with a private room.

What I really loved about Bloom Beauty’s offering is their teen makeup lesson program.  For only $75 you can bring your teenager and co-owners Pam, Sam or their amazing employees will show your teen how to do their makeup.

The other amazing thing about Bloom Beauty is that they will help guide you if you’re looking to make the switch to cleaner products.  If you have a fail safe makeup routine, Bloom Beauty has a service that will help you find comparable items to replace your makeup stash.  This service is only $40 but the fee is waived if you select an item from their shelves. win/win if you ask me!

Overall, I’m so happy to have found a shop that allows me to shop clean beauty alternatives whether it be makeup or skincare.  I also have been looking for a new spray tan service in Toronto that is CLEAN and the organic spray tan is next on my list to try.

Just remember, we should start thinking differently about beauty as the sign says and hopefully our routine’s will all be a little bit cleaner :).

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Bloom Beauty Toronto

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