The Best Sheet Masks For Your Skin Type

best sheet masks skin type

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How Face Masks Help Your Skin

I started to realize the value of a good skincare routine, around the time I started working full time.  The long days would show on my face and my makeup that had to last, was barely holding on by 5 p.m.  I knew I needed something more than the most expensive foundation out there, it had to start from deeper below the surface.

Aside from being the average water drinker, my skin was still lacking lustre and shine.  I was one of those people who could go a day without washing their face and didn’t think anything of it.  However, I started seeing some beauty gurus on Instagram showing off their new #skincarefinds and wondered if there was something I was missing?

how face masks help your skin
Soaking in water just wont’ give your skin nourishment!

Skin, being the biggest organ on our entire body was being overlooked by ME.  Someone who loves makeup and fashion was missing one very important step: a skincare routine!

I had figured that I was late to the game on this one.  The question I asked myself: How do I curate the best

why should we use sheet masks for skin

skincare routine for me without spending a bazillion dollars?

I had seen a ton of sheet masks at the drugstore, my favourite Sephora locations and even my closest Walmart.  Basically, sheet masks seemed the most appealing for a way to start off my skincare routine that wouldn’t become a huge investment.

The popularity of sheet masks really took off with the Korean skincare and beauty routines becoming so popular.  It was a sure fire way to get a glowing complexion fast.

What is K-Beauty?

K-Beauty stands for: Korean Beauty.  The term is used overall to describe the Korean Beauty regimen which usually consists of 10 steps to get glowing, healthy skin.  Using natural products that are said to bring extreme hydration to the skin, the idea is to focus on creating a custom plan that focuses on fixing problem areas depending on your complexion factors.

Best Sheet Mask for your skin Type
Korean Beauty is a multi-step skincare process leaving you with glass like skin.

Sheet masks are commonly used in K-Beauty routines because they often contain natural resources that help achieve a healthy glow, being just one of the steps in the long regimen.

How to pick the best sheet mask for your skin

Knowing what your complexion type is will help you find the perfect sheet mask. There are many resources, such as quizzes that ask you a variety of questions that can help you recognize what your skin type is if you aren’t sure.  Pinterest has some great resources on skincare that go into further detail on skin type.Best Sheet Masks for Your Skin Type

I took a quick quiz on Pinterest here, which told me my skin type: combination. Now to find out which sheet mask would be perfect for me based on what I want to achieve, and my number one personal goal was brightening.  If you continue to read below, you’ll find out what the best sheet masks are for your skin type.

There are so many sheet masks out there: Foil, Hydrogel (gel like texture) but the most common I have seen is the knit.

Here are some of the most popular sheet mask textures:

Foil masks – The idea behind the foil masks is to lock in the moisture of the mask by blocking the outer edges from drying out.  Foil masks often provide a warming sensation and does not cling to your face as easily as hydrogel and knit masks. (*source:

The Best Sheet Masks for your skin type
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask – $25 CAD >

Hydrogel Masks – This is an actual gel mask that you put on your face. It is said that Hydrogel masks hold in more moisture than knit masks and promotes more cellular function and rejuvenation.  These are typically pricier than knit masks and demand a longer wearing time (i.e. 30 mins vs. average 10 for knit masks). Hydrogel masks also provide a cooling sensation vs. foil masks as mentioned above.

The Best Sheet Masks for your skin type
Lancome Hydrogel Masks (x4) – $70

Knit Masks – Are simple masks that are woven and therefore, hold a lot of product as they saturate.  They sit close to the skin and depending on the product have a normal sensation: could be warming or cooling depending on product.   Knit masks cover the entire face and hug the skin and are easy to put on or remove.

The Best Sheet Masks for Your Skin Type
Sephora Knit Mask – Anti Aging Orchid – $8 CAD

Rubber Masks – These lock in moisture and can either be a peeling or one that already comes assembled.  One of the most well known rubber masks comes from the brand Dr. Jart+ which you can pick up at Sephora.  The most fun Dr. Jart+ mask is the Shake and Shot pictured below:

The Best Sheet Masks for Your Skin Type
Dr. Jart+ Shake and Shot Firming – $15 CAD >

I will focus on knit sheet masks since these are the easiest to find in your local drugstore, I was on a mission to find the best ingredients for my combination skin in a sheet mask.

Since there are many different skin types, I’m going to focus on three that seem to be the major recurring categories (combination skin, oily/acne prone skin and dry skin), plus the desired effects that are common with the skin type and the ingredients you should watch out for when choosing the ideal sheet mask for your skin.

Here are the best sheet masks for your skin type: 

Combination Skin

Problem – Quite oily in T-zone but drying in other areas

Desired Effect – Brightening or hydrating

Beneficial Ingredients – Hylauronic Acid, Vitamin E and C

One of the best sheet masks for combination skin are the skin brightening duo by Karuna (@Sephora):

The best sheet mask for your skin type
Karuna Skin Brightening Face Mask @Sephora – $15 CAD

Oily or Acne Prone Skin

Problem – Slick and noticeable shine, some breakouts

Desired Effect – Eliminate breakouts, reduce inflammation

Beneficial Ingredients – Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E, Stem Cells and Hylauronic Acid

The best sheet mask for oily and acne prone skin is the Green Tea Face Mask From Sephora ($8 CAD):

The best sheet mask for your skin type
Green Tea Face Mask @Sephora $15 CAD >

Dry or Dull Skin

Problem – Roughness and tightness

Desired Effect – Brightening or ultra-hydrating

An example of a perfect sheet mask for dry skin is the Flower Fusion by Origins Hydrating Sheet Mask:

The Best Sheet Mask For your skin type
Flower Fusion by Origins – Rose Sheet Mask – $9 CAD >

Beneficial Ingredients – Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Pearl, Rose

How often should I use a sheet mask?

Sheet masks should be incorporated into your weekly routine and should be used up to 1 – 2x a week.  However, if you’re seeking a solution to a problem such as super hydration, you may want to use one every night for 20 minutes.  I also find they help relieve stress or give you a kick into high gear if you’re feeling tired.

One more consideration for sheet masks

If you’re unsure if a sheet mask will be for your skin type, always do a patch test around your jaw line with the formula for about 20 minutes.  Sometimes it is hard to tell from the packaging if the mask will not cause skin redness or breakouts.

I picked a great mask for my combination skin which was super hydrating and contained green tea which is my new go to!

I hope you find a sheet mask that you love and can become a staple in your skincare routine.  Trial and error will happen before you find the perfect sheet mask for your skin!

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