The 10 Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon

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Some of the best makeup brushes on Amazon are from brands you already know.

If you do a search on Amazon for the best makeup brushes some of the top results you’ll find are made from bamboo, have a mermaid shape or are just fun to use in general.

Many YouTubers use a variety of makeup brushes to create their looks and it can be expensive to buy all of the brushes. That’s why, some of the best values you can find on Amazon are brush sets and of which can be purchased for under $10.

Also, most of if not all of the brushes in this blog post are cruelty-free, vegan and synthetic.

Here are 10 of the best makeup brushes on Amazon:

  1. EcoTools
  2. Bestope
  3. Anjou Naturals
  4. CNIDY
  5. Stellaire Churn
  6. E.L.F. Cosmetics
  7. Real Techniques
  8. Wet ‘N Wild Pro Brushes
  9. Luxspire Professional
  10. aDesign

1. EcoTools

Eco tools on Amazon, is one of the best makeup brush sets if you’re looking for a clean and cruelty free beauty brand. In the kit you can find: a foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, liner and blush brush in the entire set.

Their bamboo makeup brushes are made from recycled aluminum and plastic with 20% cotton and bamboo filters that make up the other 80%.

More about eco tools is that the brand tries to make everything out of renewable bamboo and materials. They do make beauty sponges, hair brushes and bath and spa accessories. You can check out the wide variety of Eco tools here on Amazon. Eco Tools

EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush

The best liquid foundation brush on Amazon is probably the EcoTools flat foundation brush. If you consistently apply cream or liquid foundation especially on under eye circles you’ll want to use a flat brush. If you recall from above I mentioned that EcoTools is cruelty free and made with recycled materials.

eco tools flat foundation
EcoTools flat foundation brush Amazon

There is also an amazing brush cleaner which you can find here. All Eco Tools products are available for Amazon Prime so they are the perfect pieces to add if you’re looking for new brush sets.

2. Bestope

Bestope on Amazon is available on Amazon Prime and is recommended by Amazon. It is the closest brand between Sigma Brushes and Real Techniques brushes. To be honest it is probably a dupe for both.

Depending on which Bestope makeup brush set you pick up, you can get a 16 piece set for under $10! That is extremely great for a brush set that is found on Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon as well.

Bestope makeup brushes are synthetic which a lot of people prefer. If you are wondering if Bestope brushes are good, one of the customer comments says that these are “Awesome Brushes”. Out of 1,348 people the Bestope brushes have received 4.5 out of 5 overall reviews.

If you’re looking for a makeup brush set on Amazon that isn’t too expensive you’ll want to check out Bestope brush sets.

Bestope Brush Set Amazon

3. Anjou Naturals

Anjou Naturals makeup brush sets are rated very high on Amazon. Anjou brush sets are synthetic and cruelty free as well. They are a bit on the fluffier side compared to denser brands such as Eco Tools as mentioned above.

Anjou Naturals brushes also have a distinct rose gold finding which make them really pretty to own and display.

The Anjou Naturals brush set that I like the most is the 16 piece set. There are a variety of 9 brushes for face makeup such as contouring, powder and foundation. Their precision brush tools are also very robust and come in 7 different varieties which are perfect for creating the best smokey eye out there.

anjou naturals
Anjou Naturals 16 piece brush set


Have you heard of the mermaid brushes on Amazon that actually look like mermaids? Why not have a little fun with your makeup and get silly with mermaid brushes!

CINIDY is known for their synthetic nylon bristles and fun designs. The handles are 3D fish scales but it still makes it easy to hold on to when applying your makeup.

Even though the bristles are synthetic, they do not shed. My favourite part of this entire set is the chubby fish brush! The chubby fish brush makes it easy to apply all over powder and helps blend in your contour. Plus, it’s really cute!

Out of 151 customer reviews, the CINIDY mermaid brushes received a 4.5 out of 5. Customers all said the brushes were soft and seemed like they would last a long time.

CINIDY mermaid makeup brushes amazon
CINIDY Mermaid Makeup Brushes

5. Stellaire Churn

I would say that the Stellaire Churn brushes on Amazon are probably the best brushes on Amazon or at least on this list!

Stellaire Churn brushes received a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon which is amazing. Apparently, these are some of the higher end brush sets but still manages to keep costs down.

One of my favourite sets from Stellaire Churn is the 10 pieces synthetic set that has every single makeup brush you need to create your look from start to finish.

stellaire churn
Stellaire churn 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

6. E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F. is a brand known for their cheaper makeup knock-offs. They created this amazing set that has brushes for everything you need including a foundation brush, blending brush and a variety of eyeshadow brushes.

I always buy E.L.F. because I know that even though they do a great job at knocking off other luxury brands, most of their product is pretty well produced.

E.L.F. Brush Collection 11-Piece Set

In this kit you will find that the quality of all brushes by E.L.F. are surprisingly good for the cost of the kit.

If you’re on a budget and are looking for makeup brushes you’ll want to try out this E.L.F. cosmetic brush collection set that even comes with the carrying case.

elf makeupbrush set amazon
E.L.F. Brush Collection 11-Piece Set

7. Real Techniques

Real Techniques brushes are used by some of the best YouTubers in the world. You’ll also find that a lot of Instagram Influencers who do makeup tutorials are into using these brushes. I have found Real Techniques brushes in drugstores or other places like Winners. They also have a line of beauty sponges which are similar to that of the beauty blender!

Real Techniques eye shade + blend

In this deal from Amazon, you’ll get two real techniques eye shadow brushes. The set includes a base shadow brush and a deluxe crease brush.

The bristles on these brushes are finely tapered for buildable and all-over lid application. The deluxe crease brush is soft and over-sized for an easy blend all over application.

You can buy Real Techniques brushes from your local drugstore in Canada or the U.S. and even some TJMaxx and Winners. However, this special duo is easily found on Amazon so I highly recommend you shop there first.

real techniques
Real Techniques Eye Duo + Blend

8. Wet ‘n Wild Pro Brush Line

The brand Wet ‘n Wild is known for its affordable makeup line from the 90’s which is back with a new and improved range of products which can all be found on Amazon. I bet you didn’t know they make makeup brushes also! This contour brush that I am recommending to purchase on Amazon is from the Pro Brush line.

Flat Contour Brush

The flat contour brush, which is an Amazon Choice product, will help you blend out powder or cream contour effortlessly because the brush is so flat and the bristles are extremely dense. The uniqueness about this product is that the handle is ergonomic so there’s a space for you to hold the handle well and the brushes are cruelty-free and vegan.

Wet ‘N Wild Pro Contour Bush

9. Luxspire Professional Makeup Brush

Flat Kabuki Brush for Powder

If you are someone who likes to set their face with setting powder you will want to try brushes from Luxspire. This specific one is a Flat Kabuki Brush meaning that it is denser and easy to use as a setting powder brush.

You can also use this brush for basic makeup application and use it for blush, bronzer and more.

Brushes from Luxspire are made of cruelty-free material and have synthetic fiber material. The handle is made out of wood and aluminum and comes in black and gold or even pink and white.

Luxspire Professional Makeup Brush Flat Kabuki Brush, Single Handle Large Round Head Soft Face Mineral Powder Foundation Brush
Luxspire Professional Makeup Brush Flat Kabuki Brush

10. aDesign

Amazon is no stranger to creating and selling products that they own. aDesign has amazing brushes that are perfect for any type of makeup techniques you are looking to create. aDesign brushes are made out of premium synthetic fibers like many of the other brushes in this post.

The Professional 2 Piece Makeup Brush Kit – Conceal Power Duo are perfect for cream and liquid makeup application.

Concealer Brushes Amazon
Concealer Brushes by aDesign

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