Summer Nail Trends 2021

Summer nail trends 2021

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Are you getting bored of your nails?

If you want to change up the way your nails look go OFF on these summer nail trends 2021!

We’re seeing a lot of bright, bold nails with complimentary nail designs.

French manicures are also back so keep reading to find out how you can update your nail style for summer 2021!

Nail Trends You Need to Try in 2021

Bright and Colourful Nails that Are All Different Colours

The biggest summer nail trend for 2021 is COLOUR! Bright summer nails are in for 2021 but the key is to have each of your nails a different colour.

In order to make this nail trend look polished, you want to pick colours that are in the same shade range or compliment each other.

For example, you could do pastel colours and have a range of purple, pinks, baby yellow etc. This will give your nails a cohesive look.

You can also go with really bright colours and make a huge statement with corals, yellows and reds.

Really there is no rule when it comes to bright nails just make sure they are bold!

Negative Space Nails

The latest nail trend is to only apply coloured nail polish in a geometric shape or on parts of the nail. The rest of the nail is either clear or coloured in with a neutral polish.

The goal of the negative space nail trend 2021 is to give a chic update to the traditional nail design.

Usually, this is paired with unique and unexpected nail polish colour pairings such as burgundy and yellow.

If you’re doing a negative space manicure you’ll want to ensure that the lines are clean and very distinct.

You’ll probably need a nail tool and very fine brush to get the accurate brush strokes.
These are supposed to be very well thought out and give off a cohesive vibe but still make it unique and funky.

For example, you can still do a design on every nail but make sure the actual nail shows through and that you’re not colouring each nail with a bold polish.

Updated French Manicures

Since early 2000’s retro fashion and beauty is making a comeback, the French manicure is back with a twist!

Following the similar pattern to negative space nails, the updated French manicure for 2021 is here but it’s really chic. Your nails should be polished and the clean. The tips are very fine and they go down to the cuticle line.

An updated French Manicure could be having the tips a different colour or outlining the tips of an almond nail shape.

And YES coloured French Manicures are huge for Summer Nail Trends 2021!

Remember, the French Manicure tip or strap should be REALLY thin to make it look more chic and polished.

You can also outline the moon of your nails with a matching colour to give it a cohesive vibe.

Black tips for a French Manicure is also trending right now so be sure to ask for a colour that isn’t white on the tips to make a statement.

Even if you went further than just the tip with a geometric colour tone such as the one in this photo, that wold still be considered an updated French Manicure.

Nail Designs on Select Nails

Nail designs are still really popular nail trends for 2021. The nail designs that are really popular for Summer 2021 don’t appear on every finger. The key here is to mix it up and create a cohesive theme for your entire hand.

You want to create a look that goes together and some nails won’t have a design but the entire look goes together.

Ombré Nails

Ombré nails are carried over from 2020 but are definitely fresh enough to be a trend for Summer 2021. The trick to making Ombré Nails trendy and relevant is to mix unexpected colours.

You want to make sure every nail is a different colour but matches the shade range and makes sense on a colour wheel.

For example, in the shade range it is unexpected that nude goes to blue. Switch it up with mattes and short nails for a very sophisticated and polished look!

Minimal Colour and Short Nails

If you love simple nails but still want to try some nail art then you’ll love the minimal colour and short nail trend.

This is a polished and sophisticated manicure that requires only the smallest amount of colour for a chic look.

As you can see there isn’t much to this manicure but the look is really clean and polished.

You can play around with the colour and do every nail a different shade as well!

Popular Nail Polish Colours Summer 2021

Ranging from brights to pastels, the popular nail colours that are seen vary depending on the trend you seek.

If you’re into brights then go full force into bright bold colour. Neon isn’t really trending right now but you want to go for bright yellow, orange and reds. Stick to the primary colours.

Pastels are really make a splash especially lavender and baby yellow. Yellow tends to look good on most skin types and lavender is a fun change up from traditional summer pink.

Dark colours when done well using the trends listed above are still in style for Summer 2021! Use dark colours as an accent in a nail design or at the starting point of an ombré nail set.

Whites are really trending as they always do for Summer. Daisies are really popular so think yellow and white together.

Nail Shape Trends Summer 2021

For Summer 2021, nail shape is either super long almond nails or short square/round nails.

The almond nail shape came to us in 2019 and is still going strong in 2021. Coffin and stilleto nails so think sharper at the tip are also popular but they work best if you get gel nails.

Stick on and press on nails are all the rage due to the pandemic since a lot of nail salons are closed. You can get really great stick and press on nails at the drugstore so no need to spend money on that expensive gel manicure every 3 weeks!

This summer, I am going to play around with negative nail space and focus on pastel shades and bright colours.

Let me know if you agree with these Summer Nail Trends 2021!


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