Sneak PEAK: NARS Holiday 2021 Collection Swatches and Product Photos

nars unwrapped holiday 2021 collection

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If you love NARS makeup as much as I do you will love the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection at Christmas time this year.

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The NARS Christmas 2021 collection really focuses on blush and complexion products. The packaging is a hot pink with the typical NARS straps along the front side of it. They are calling this the Unwrapped Collection for NARS Holiday 2021.

When will the full NARS Christmas 2021 Collection Launch?

The full NARS Christmas 2021 Collection will launch in October at some time. For now there is only the High Profile Cheek Palette Available which is one of the best cheek palettes they’ve ever launched!

Are you wondering why NARS keeps releasing the same colours, for example “Orgasm” and just packages it differently? Is NARS aware that they are repetitive?

I love the look of NARS Palettes and love the colour of Orgasm but it is getting a little bit boring when NARS keeps putting out all of these Orgasm variations. If you feel strongly about this please let me know in the comments.

The best time to buy NARS makeup is around Christmas time because with the gift sets and extra eyeshadow palettes you are getting the best value for your money.

When is the NARS Unwrapped Holiday Collection 2021 launching?

You can get the new NARS Unwrapped Holiday 2021 Collection from September – October. Sephora is going to get most of the exclusive holiday releases but other retailers and are also going to have the collection.

What is included in the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection?

Here are all of the products included in the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection:

  • Unwrapped Orgasm Blush Duo Gift Set – Orgasm & Orgasm X3 mini eyeshadow palettes
  • Pleasure Seeker Afterglow Lip Balm Gift Set – Orgasm / Clean Cut / Turbo / Orgasm X
  • Unwrapped Mini Eyeshadow Palette Gift Set
  • Endless Orgasm Mini Gift Set: Mini Blush Orgasm / Mini Lip Balm Orgasm / Mini Blush Brush (comes with makeup bag)
  • Double Climax Mascara Duo Gift Set
  • Unwrapped High Profile Cheek Palette

Right now the only item that is available is the Unwrapped High Profile Cheek Palette which is available at Sephora for $78.

Here is what the Unwrapped High Profile Cheek Palette looks like including swatches. This is only available at Sephora right now and not available on yet!

The NARS Holiday 2021 Collection has some recognizable palettes both cheek and eyeshadow. There are a lot of gift sets in the NARS Unwrapped Collection so get ready to be excited!

Gift Sets in the NARS Holiday 2021 Unwrapped Collection
Gift Sets in the NARS Holiday 2021 Unwrapped Collection

There are a 4 new eyeshadow palettes (1 big and 3 mini eyeshadow palettes) in the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection.

The colour range goes is a lot of muted pinks and shimmers combined with some darker tones such as emerald green and deep browns. The mini brush set is a huge win because NARS brushes are such great quality. Check out the photo below for the new mini brush set:

There are 3 cheek palettes included in the 2021 Holiday Collection. There is also one big cheek palette with blushes that are similar to orgasm and a spot for a highlighter. Some of the holiday sets come with a reusable makeup bag too!

Swatches of the NARS Holiday 2021 Unwrapped Collection

There’s also a new NARS product and that is the cushion which is an liquid highlighter and perfect for an overall glow. Included in the collection are also a whole new set of mini brushes! If you are familiar with NARS brushes you’ll know they are the best brushes to get and NARS rarely releases new brushes.

nars holiday 2021
NARS New Mini Brush Set – Holiday 2021 Unwrapped Collection

There are also 5 new lipsticks to choose from. Looks like NARS was in the process of discontinuing the Audacious lipsticks because there are only a few left of each of the colours on Sephora. The lipsticks in the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection seem to be more on the pinky nude side with one brighter shade of red. You can buy two shades in the single size or you can buy a set of 3 lipsticks. The set of lipsticks also comes with a reusable mini makeup bag that has a strap so you can use it as a clutch to Christmas parties.

Last year, the NARS Advent Calendar 2020 was all lip products which is now on sale in their last chance section for more than 50% off.

Lastly, there are 4 new Afterglow Lip Balm: one full size and 3 minis. These are in similar shades except there’s one that is very iridescent that resembles snow if you’re into the pearlized lip.

When will the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection be available?

The NARS Holiday 2021 Collection will be available September to October in the United States and Canada. The best place to buy the NARS Holiday 2021 Collection will be Sephora and Other big retailers such as Nordstrom may get some items that Sephora doesn’t carry but Sephora will have the bulk of the products.

What are your thoughts on this collection?

More Gift Sets from NARS

I also stumbled upon a lot of other gift sets from NARS that are not necessarily from this season but they are the perfect makeup gift sets.

The limited edition set of Travel Ready essentials is sure to make you perfect coming off a flight. This comes with a mini orgasm blush, mini bronzer, brush, Climax Mascara and nude Audacious lipstick. This is only available on and not at Sephora.

Another gift set that is only available on is the Mini Icons Bundle. This is a set of deluxe minis for $48 USD so you can try out the makeup you like including the waterproof Climax Mascara.


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