Smashbox O-Gloss is Back!

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Do you remember the cult favourite from the early 2000’s from Smashbox called O Gloss?

O Gloss is back at Smashbox

This is like a mood ring for your lips! One colour that changes to a flattering tone on all skin tones.

It was a clear lip gloss that wasn’t sticky but would change to the PH level or perfect colour on your lips. Smashbox calls this an “Intuitive” gloss.

You can achieve colour that’s a soft pink and it can be as bright as fuchsia depending on your PH level.

It’s infused with Goji Berries and avocado oil so it’s more of a lip oil than a gloss. It’s not sticky at all and feels really comfortable to wear all day long.

This is a great gloss if you’re wearing a mask because it doesn’t have the same consistency as a lip gloss.

Smashbox is cruelty free so this product has not been tested on animals.

What are you waiting for go back to your early 2000’s roots and try the O Gloss out from Smashbox today!

Smashbox also has so many amazing deals on their website, click to shop for 50% select exclusive sets!

I know I’ll be buying the Smashbox O Gloss – only available at and Shoppers Drug Mart Canada.

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