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Listen up Canadians! should be your “go-to” for your favourite makeup and skincare brands!  Of course, we love Sephora but what other beauty websites do Canadians really have to choose from? Ulta is only available in the U.S. and not everyone thinks of Nordstrom yet as a beauty destination.   Don’t forget that you can collect PC Optimum points at which can buy you actual products (sorry dinky Sephora 100 point deluxe samples that end up in the garbage!).

Shoppers Drug Mart brands are unique in that you can buy luxury makeup and more contemporary brands in the same go, similar to Sephora.  There are some Shoppers Drug Mart brands that you cannot find anywhere else.  Come on, I’ll tell you what they are – promise!

Meet the Exclusive Shoppers Drug Mart Brands


Rodial is known for its skincare lines.  One of the most favourite skincare lines from Rodial is the famous “Dragons Blood”.  This product line helps to plump and hydrate.  Dragons Blood is an entire line from sculpting gels to the famous Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel.  The idea is to hydrate and bring life to the skin that has loss elasticity.  Rodial also carries actual makeup so this makes them a powerful brand in both the makeup and skincare games.


Check out these top favourites as rated by shoppers:




Bourjois Paris

Did you know that Bourjois Paris is owned by the one and only CHANEL? However, it was the Bourjois Paris line that came into the light first according to Beautyholicsanonymous. When you hear the term Chanel you instantly know that it’s a reputable brand.  What I love about Bourjois Paris are the colours.  Their colour pay off is incredible and their lipsticks really bring out a strong pigment. I also love the single blushes from Bourjois.  They come in this round solid compact that is a baked texture and becomes fine when applying to the skin so you don’t get a heavy overdone look.

Ladies who like a natural look, Bourjois Paris is for you!

Here are some top rated products of Bourjois Paris:

PUR Makeup

Pur Makeup focusses on  a mineral makeup that promotes flawless skin.  They are more of a natural brand and focus on positive results for a natural complexion.  Pur Makeup has amazing compacts that travel well for on the go touch ups. If you are more active, Pur Makeup will stay on the skin with their claim to have long lasting makeup.

Here are some top rated products of Pur:



There you have it.  I suggest checking out all of the other Shoppers Drug Mart Brands such as: Clarins, Clinique, Dior Smashbox and more.  Don’t forget about those precious PC Optimum points!

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