Sephora Sale Coupon Code December 2022


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There’s another Sephora Sale happening this month from December 2 – December 11. Everyone can save 20% during the Sephora sale and you don’t need to be their highest Rouge tier either! This is a one time use Sephora coupon code December 2022 is available for everyone to use!

Use the Sephora Sale Coupon Code December 2022 “GETGIFTING” at checkout during December 2 – 11 and you will save 20% off your order. The Sephora Collection is also 30% off during the same timeframe so you don’t need to use the coupon code at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Since there have been so many Sephora sale hauls and picks, you may regret not getting certain products from Sephora. There are so many TikTok viral products that you can still add to your cart and take advantage of the Sephora Sale Coupon Code 2022. This is the last Sephora Sale in 2022!

Best sellers for the Sephora sale

Saie Glowy Super Gel – $36

The Saie Glowy Super Gel is one of the best illuminators at Sephora. If you live in Canada, it makes more sense to buy products from Saie Beauty at Sephora vs. On the Saie Beauty website. This is my ultimate favourite highlighter because it has a dewy finish without being oily. It’s a thin lightweight highlighter so you can apply it underneath or on top of makeup for a healthy dewy glow.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush – $26 CAD

The Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush has gone totally viral on TikTok because it is the best liquid blush on the market right now. The brand Rare Beauty was founded by Selena Gomez and is one of the hottest contemporary makeup brands of 2022. If you’re from Canada, your best bet is to buy Rare Beauty from Sephora because they carry the entire product line and you won’t have to pay for shipping if you are a VIB. People love the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush because all you have to do is use one dot and this formula blends out so easily. The Soft Pinch Liquid blush also lasts the entire day and doesn’t budget or smudge. There are two finishes of the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush and they are dewy and matte finishes. Anyway these are such a great buy and they’ll last you into 2023 so you can shop the next Sephora sale!

Kosas Revealer Concealer – $37

The Kosas Revealer Concealer is loved by so many celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and is revered as the number one concealer in 2022. The Kosas Revealer concealer blends out so beautifully and you don’t need to use a lot of it either. I have the Kosas Revealer Concealer and I love it the way it makes my skin shine through and covers up any dark spots or pimples that I have. It is a medium coverage concealer with a radiant and natural finish. If you want a clean makeup brand this is the best concealer. Also, if you live in Canada you’ll want to order any Kosas products at Sephora because Kosas can charge shipping and taxes so Sephora is the best option. The Kosas Revealer Foundation is also now available at Sephora for Canadians so definitely check that out.

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