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Rihanna Skin Care British Vogue

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens (couldn’t resist the Tiger King reference)! You’ll all be pleasantly surprised to hear that a Rihanna Fenty Skincare line is in the works and coming soon!

The Fenty Beauty line is already so amazing full of quality that it makes sense for the artist to expand into skin care.

We do already have some amazing Fenty Beauty products that focus on self care such as the lip scrub, body lava and lip balm.

Check out my review of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb – I absolutely love it! Also Fenty beauty launched brand new cheek cream products which you can read about here.

This is exciting because the brand has factored in a range of skin tones so they are likely to pay attention to different skin types as well!

According to this article in British Vogue, there is no set date as to when the skincare line will be ready. All we know is that a patent has been filed.


According to Rihanna, there will be a mix of medical and non-medical ingredients for skin, soap, body and personal care products.

Rihanna did clarify that everyone can expect the same quality as what they would expect from the Fenty makeup line.

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