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Elyssa Sugar Revlon Event

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The Revlon Canada Get Lippie event in Toronto was not just simply a makeup event but it was an empowering one.

The brand manager paused the crowd to give a captivating (yet short and sweet) speech about how empowering women and lipstick lovers seem to go hand in hand.  Wearing a bold lip tells the world around you that you’re no shrinking violet.  Lipstick not only completes an outfit and finishes off your entire look but a bold lip can spark a conversation.

The night was filled with different stations that really kept the entire crowd engaged.  When you first walk in there were stations to get your lips done with Revlon Canada’s number of different lipsticks:

1.Super Lustrous Lipstick

Of course this is one of their staples – definitely a fan favourite.  Makeup artist Esther helped me swatch some of the new colours on my hand (see image below).  What do you think?REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS LIPSTICK

The formula was super creamy which I love and it felt so comfortable on the lips.  The new matte colours had a bit of a bolder and dramatic look to them (which of course we LOVE) but there were also warm oranges which I know is going to be my go to colours for fall 2018.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon Canada was so AMAZING – that they gave each of us a Super Lustrous lipstick of our choice engraved with our name on it! Of course I picked a sheer fuchsia and engraved “Sugar” on it (because my married name Sugar-Katz wouldn’t fit – womp womp).  For those of you who know me, Sugar has been my nickname for as long as I can remember – and for my cousins as well!

2. Revlon Kiss Cushion Tint

Have you ever just fallen face first onto a pillow? That’s what the Revlon Kiss Cushion Tint is like.  And because it’s a tint – it’s one of my favourites because you don’t have to apply them as much!  In order to get the colour, you have to click it up a few notches but that’s actually the fun part.  I picked the colour crimson tides because it’s just the perfect orange-y shade for me!


3. Revlon Kiss Plumpling Lip Creme

Gloss is making a huge comeback and I love when lip gloss comes in an easy to squeeze tube.  The lovely makeup artist Esther, applied the colour “Petal” for my look that night.

Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme Review

It was the perfect soft pink for my outfit for SURE.  I want to pick up some of the other colours because they focus on the nude and natural look of the lips.

Revlon Plumping Lip Creme Review

Other activities at the Revlon event included delicious food and drink, an ice cream bar and a fortune teller who could read your lips – literally! A lip reading was available but unfortunately, family duty called and I couldn’t get my lips read.


Anyway, I know what my fortune would say: Bold Lips = Bold Women.  Go get ’em girls and don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there, trying a new colour and live in the moment.



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