Review: Thursday Plantation and Kosmea

Thursday Plantation and Kosmea Review

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Hello lovelies!

I was gifted some skincare products to try out from two brands (similarly related) called: Thursday Plantation and Kosmea Australia.

These two brands focus on clean skincare and have a keen focus on plant oils and how they help the skin versus added ingredients.

I’ll start by talking about Thursday Plantation and then about the brand Kosmea which is from Australia.

Because this website has turned into an Amazon focused beauty reviews website, I’ll be posting the links to where you can buy each of the products you see on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy the review of Thursday Plantation and Kosmea Australia!

Thursday Plantation Review

I was gifted both the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil foaming face cleanser and Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Wipes. Thursday Plantation as a brand is known for its focus on plant oils to heal your skin so it is free of parabens and any SLS ingredients.

I love tea tree oil because with my acne prone skin it is something the only thing that helps. I actually don’t have a photo of the tea tree oil single use wipes because I went through them all very fast. I do suffer from bacne and the single use face wipes were really the only thing that helped me reach those tough spots. The wipes were really gentle and did the trick.

Face Wipes Tea Tree Oil
Face Wipes Tea Tree Oil

I went through the Tea Tree face wipes really fast as there are only 25 in a package so if you think you’ll like this product I suggest you buy two.

Also, they are the perfect pick me up in the summer if you’re looking for a face refresher and they travel really well too!

Click here to purchase the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wipes on Amazon

The Thursday Plantation Face Wash Foam cleanser is lovely! All you need is 1 – 2 pumps of the foam and the stuff lathers up so quickly. The smell isn’t too pungent and I really feel that my face is clean right away.

Tea Tree Face Wash Foam
Tea Tree Face Wash Foam

If you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil but want the benefits of tee tree oil, I suggest you use Thursday Plantation because the smells on both of these products aren’t harsh.

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In terms of results, you can see from the photos that Thursday Plantation both foaming face wash and the wipes really did help to clear my acne among some of the other products I was using I would say that they were the biggest help along with the other Kosmea products I was gifted which I will speak about in the next section.

Kosmea Australia Review

Kosmea Australia is a natural skincare brand from Australia that also focuses on the skin first. Kosmea is known for their rose hip oil which is certified organic and is made from quality products. I was also gifted the Revive Illuminating Essence and Energising Radiance Mask and I will review all three amazing products below.

Kosmea Rosehip Oil

The Rose Hip Oil from Kosmea is most unique because not only is it certified organic but made from the purest ingredients. It is also Rose Hip Oil from Australia which makes it very interesting for someone like me all the way in Canada!

Kosmea RosehipOil 1
Shop Kosmea Rosehip Oil on Amazon

Rosehip oil is oil that has been extracted from the hip of the rose where the petals have fallen off. Kosmea Australia Rosehip Oil comes from wild roses that are rich in unique ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants.

The benefits of Rosehip Oil are pretty boundless but some of the main things that Rose Hip Oil helps with are:

  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Burns
  • Dry Skin
  • Psorassis

It is also a natural source of Vitamin A which naturally helps with skin rejuvenation and it is full of antioxidants which help protect tissues in the body.

Kosmea says that the way the oil is extracted and how it is cultivated is why their Rose Hip Oil is of the highest quality.

The essence is also extracted without heat or solvents making it organic and preserves that actual essence of the plant and its benefits.

I use my Rose Hip Oil at night after I have completed my cleansing routine, however you can use it 2 -3 drops into clean damp skin in the morning and night if you prefer.

Kosmea RosehipOil Dropper
Kosmea RosehipOil Dropper

Honestly, if you look at the before and after photos on the Kosmea Australia Website (here), you’ll see a dramatic difference in the skin of all ages. And YES! All ages can use this amazing organic Rose Hip Oil and I think this is one of the best rosehip oil brands.

Click here to shop Kosmea Rose Hip on Amazon

Kosmea Australia Energising Radiance Mask

As a beauty blogger, I usually have a roster of masks that I prefer to use so getting me to change my routine is a hard task for any brand.

When I tried the Energising Radiance Mask I was pleasantly surprised with this product for a few reasons. Namely the fact that it was so easy to use and I could see results right away.

energising mask
Kosmea Australia Energising Radiance Mask

All you have to do is apply a thin layer and either leave it on overnight or wash it off within 15 minutes. Either way my skin felt bright and plump like the package said and I loved how easy it was to apply.

I also used it as an overnight mask once and it never left any stain on my pillow and didn’t make it uncomfortable for me to sleep.

I would rate the Energising mask a 5/5 as I continue to incorporate it into my weekly skincare routine and it is not harsh on my skin at all.

Click here to shop the Kosmea Australia Energising Radiance Mask on Amazon

Kosmea Australia Revive Illuminating Essence

If you aren’t used to using an essence you may want to start with one from Kosmea Australia since it is all natural.

Basically, the Revive Illuminating Essence is unique because it is a lightweight oil that packs a lot of amazing antioxidants with it. It contains the famous Rosehip Oil and CoQ10 and other ingredients such as Vitamin C which helps against signs of aging.

illuminating essence
Kosmea Australia Revive Illuminating Essence

The Revive Illuminating Essence also focuses on skin brightening and vibrancy and is the perfect clean beauty addition to any skincare routine.

After using the Illuminating Essence sparingly I did notice a glow right away. The handy dropper tool made it easy to apply the serum to my face and I did it on the off days I didn’t apply the Rosehip Oil.

Click here to shop the Kosmea Australia Revive Illuminating Essence.

Overall, both Thursday Plantation and Kosmea Australia products are a win in my book. They contain natural ingredients which as a beauty blogger I am moving toward cleaner beauty and overall the products do exactly what they say they will. I am very pleased with all of the products I received and I am very lucky to have received such a package.

Again, you can shop this post by purchasing all of these products on Amazon especially if you live in Canada or the United States.

Happy shopping everyone!


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