Badgal Bang Mascara Review

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The holy grail of mascaras does exist and it’s in the form of the newly formulated BADgal Bang! Benefit Mascara.  If you read my other posts featuring both the Roller Lash Mascara vs. ‘They’re Real Mascara’ you’ll note that I love those Benefit products in their own ways.

Benefit claims that the new BADgal Bang! Benefit Mascara is smudge proof and flake free, offers an intense pitch black colour and is water-resistant.  Benefit also claims that this mascara lasts through 36 hour wear (not sure why you’d want to keep your mascara on for that long though?).  I’ll wear this for the 36 hours and let you know the verdict (hint – keep reading!).

I actually never liked the original BADgal formula: I found it clumpy and something that didn’t really change my lashes for the better so let’s see if it meets up to the challenge.

The Packaging

I opted to try the mini version because I didn’t want to invest in the large version just yet which was actually a nice option.  It’s made to look like a space ship for “out of this world” lashes.  Opening up the product was smooth and the mascara wand came out smoothly and easily.  It also has a matte finish that feels nice when you hold it.  The lid is also textured which I feel that Benefit did that for an added grip.  Also, when I closed the lid, there’s a little snap which made me partly relieved to know that the tube is closed and does not allow any air to come through.

BADgal Bang! Benefit Mascara

The Application

I’m more freckled in the photos because I am not wearing a stitch of makeup.  I wanted to see how this product would look without any other makeup enhancements.  It was so smooth to apply and coated every single lash. I had to coat the smaller lashes on the inner corner and outer corners.  The wand is shaped like a cone which is nice because the tip at the end allows me to grab the little guys.  I don’t know what it is about this mascara, but it made my thin eyelashes luscious and seemingly appears soft.

BADgal Bang! Benefit Mascara

The Verdict

YES. YES….and more YES! I didn’t think I’d like it.  I didn’t want another mascara to add to my collection but the BADgal Bang! Benefit Mascara changed my mind toward mascara…I really can have it all.  Also, the claims that Benefit made are confirmed: very black shade, didn’t smudge or flake during the day and took me a few extra strokes with my makeup remover to get off so yes, it’s waterproof (I didn’t cry that day).

As for the 36 hour wear – well I couldn’t sleep with it on but it definitely lasted the entire day so let’s go with YES!

BADgal Bang! Benefit Mascara review

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