PLEASE: Not Another Liquid Lipstick

liquid lipstick

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The craziness of the COVID-19 outbreak has got me thinking about the type of content I’m writing: the beauty industry.

I have been trying to stay positive by keeping up with new launches from my favourite makeup and skincare brands.

I’ve also been contemplating how the beauty industry is going to change after this. After all, I do hope humanity will start to re-evaluate their hygiene across the world.

I’ve been into Shoppers Drug Mart where they removed all testers. I had not walked into a Sephora so I don’t know if they removed their testers but I do know they are closed as of today (March 17) and will reopen April 3rd or so they say.

Online shopping is open for business 24/7.

This means we can pick out new makeup products to try and know that we can return them when we’re all let out of our cages (maybe) one day.

I’m bombarded by emails of brands who I subscribe to directly have announcing that they will be shutting down doors or the measures they are taking to keep their staff safe.

Other beauty and makeup brands have still kept up with their marketing content and sales/deals.

Who doesn’t love perusing what’s on sale, adding it to your basket and figuring out if you feel like spending that much today.

Especially when makeup rarely goes on sale, I’m open to receiving a communication.

I received an email at 6:01 A.M. from one of my favourite luxury makeup brands promoting their newest liquid cream lipstick that came in the same 7 shades of red and pink.

Nothing to see her folks. In the midst of a global crisis, there are now 7 new shades of liquid lipstick that you may not already have for the low price of over $50.

Usually, I’d be all for it and want to bring you guys with the latest and greatest (and I still will), but this made me stop and think.

A whole email dedicated to this overdone liquid lipstick that we’ve all seen from other brands. A WHOLE EMAIL?

I think after this COVID-19 business we’re going to expect MORE from our beauty brands no matter if they charge $5 or $50.

Sustainability and “clean beauty” are going to be keywords that resonate more soundly with our new found state.

And, if we really don’t buy that newly launched eyeshadow palette are we truly beauty gurus?

Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, who have assured us in 2020 there will be less eyeshadow palette launches, need to grow up a little. By the way, all of their eyeshadow palettes that launched in 2019 can more or less be found at your local Winners or TJMAXX.

We’re going to expect more from beauty brands who expect us to just throw down our money (if we haven’t lost it in the stock market) and continue to salivate over their new launches.

I would love to see Beauty Bloggers be more selective of what they choose to talk about on their platforms such as Instagram.

I sick of the copycat brands who feel they need to “dupe” every single luxury product.

Being cooped up like this has allowed me to declutter a lot and remove a lot of products that I haven’t been so thrilled with out of my stash.

Trust me, I’m not done yet.

AND I’m not saying that I’m only going to move to sustainable products or brands that practice cruelty free (read my article on Cruelty Free Brands here).

I’m saying that if you want to get my attention and care about your brand then you’re going to have to give me something better than “It’s been done before”.

Ask not what your beauty community can do for you, but what you can do for your beauty community.

  • Start thinking of how you can spend less on more purposeful beauty products.
  • How you can support other brands that care a little bit more about their email revenue goals (because they do make money every time you click and buy something from that email).
  • Be more selective and choosy over your stash and what you bring into your clutter.

I truly think the makeup and beauty industry overall will most definitely take a hit as will many others. The ones that survive are really going to have to impress us.

I want new.

I want innovative.

I want purposeful.

And certainly the WORLD does not need another LIQUID LIPSTICK.

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