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Best of OPI Nail Polish Canada

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There are so many different manicure products from OPI. In this OPI Nail Polish Canada Review I will talk about the products that are found in Canada from OPI.

After wearing nail polish every single day for the better part of my 35 years of living, I have tried so many nail polishes colours that I have come up with my list of the best OPI Nail Polish Colours.

If you are a fan of OPI nail polishes but not sure how to buy them in Canada you should try Amazon.  Some of these nail polish choices are being researched using Amazon Canada. Also, you can buy OPI nail polish Canada at basically every nail salon including hair salons.

Buying OPI Nail Polish Canada is tricky but with this buying guide I’ll show you the best colours to chose from in every category including: Neutrals, Reds, Colours and other healthy nail products.

OPI nail polish is also best worn when you apply an OPI base coat and OPI top coat.  It should last up to 7 days but that depends on what you do with your hands. Remember to always wear gloves before doing the dishes!

I will also provide swatches for all of the OPI Nail Polish Colours you see in this post.  You can also buy a lot of OPI Nail Polish on Amazon. If you click to shop on each of the links they will take you to an page on Amazon Canada.

I am also sticking with talking about regular nail polish and some of the Infinite shine but I will stay away from speaking about the Gel polishes as you can basically get the same colours in this list in a gel polish formula.

Let’s get into the OPI Nail Polish Canada Review below.

Best Neutral OPI Colours

OPI is known for their quality and when it comes to neutral colours, I like when my manicures and nail polish lasts on its own.

Here are the best neutral or nude OPI nail polish Canada review colours I recommend to buy on Amazon Canada:

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around


Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is my favourite taupe nail polish colour ever.  I’ve worn this sometimes for months at a time. It’s the perfect colour to lead in from Spring to Summer and if you’re going on vacation and want a perfect nude, choose this colour!

Dontbossanova swatch
Dontbossanova swatch

Taupe Less Beach

Taupe Less Beach
Taupe Less Beach

Another favourite Taupe in the OPI Nail polish collection is called Taupe-Less Beach.  This colour is more on the mauve side and on the cooler tones. If you are looking for a neutral colour that isn’t too brown this one is perfect for you!

Taupe Less Beach Swatch
Taupe Less Beach Swatch

Put it In Neutral

This is one of my favourite pinks from OPI but of course it is still on the more neutral side.  No matter what time of year I am always interested in pink nail polish. Put It In Neutral by OPI is a sheer pink that can be layered on to become more opaque.  You can see from the swatch that it is really sheer so keep that in mind before you make this purchase.

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath
Bubble Bath

If you haven’t heard of this iconic OPI shade Bubble Bath well then you absolutely must! Bubble Bath is one of their most purchased shades.  It is a bit less pink than Put It In Neutral (above) but it is the perfect french manicure colour if you’re looking for a pinkier tone. Of course, Bubble Bath is used all over the world not only in Canada as it is flattering on all skin tones.  As I speak more about Nail Envy below, you will see that OPI has created more in the Bubble Bath product line.

Bubble Bath Swatch
Bubble Bath Swatch

This colour is highly recommended for anybody who doesn’t want to invest in a lot of nail polish because you can wear this the whole year around.

My Vampire is Buff

My Vampire is Buff
My Vampire is Buff

My Vampire is Buff is definitely on the neutral brown side.  It is a nude that is best worn when you want a more neutral shade and less of a pop of colour. This shade has been around for a long time and is a staple for some.  If you’re looking to try out a nude that is more on the warmer side you’ll want to try this shade.

My Vampire is Buff Swatch
My Vampire is Buff Swatch

Altar Ego

Altar Ego
Altar Ego

As the name suggests, this shade is to be worn at the Altar.  Yes OPI creates bridal shades too and Altar Ego was a shade made for their wedding collection.  You can see from the swatches that this neutral is very pink but it does have some sparkles in it.  If you’re looking for a neutral with a bit of something extra you’ll want to try this shade.

Altar Ego Swatches
Altar Ego Swatches

It is also not very sparkly, there are subtle hints and flecks of shimmer throughout but I wouldn’t say it has a massive amount of glitter.

Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey

Cosmo Not Tonight
Cosmo Not Tonight

I’ve spoken about a lot lighter neutrals and pinks but Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey is definitely on the deeper end of the grey scale when it comes to neutrals for OPI.  This hue is darker but I still consider it a neutral because this colour looks good with just about anything and can be worn all year around.

Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon is an older colour but it is a staple if you love nudes and OPI.  This is a flat taupe shade that has a pink under tone. In my opinion, this is a shade that you can wear during every season: winter, summer, spring and fall!

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon Swatch
Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon Swatch

My Very First Knockwurst

My Very First Knockwurst
My Very First Knockwurst

OPI usually does a foreign collection from time to time.  The Germany Collection was a very popular one and “My Very First Knockwurst“.  A pinky neutral hue this colour is still very popular in salons everywhere.

My Very First Knockwurst Swatch
My Very First Knockwurst Swatch

Stop It I’m Blushing!

Stop It Im Blushing
Stop It Im Blushing

If you want a neutral nail polish shade that really is in the middle of browns and pinks then “Stop It I’m Blushing” is one of the best neutral nail polish colours that is more on the pink side.  I’ve worn this colour for a long time and it is a staple in the OPI nail polish collection.

Stop It Im Blushing Swatches
Stop It Im Blushing Swatches

Best Red OPI Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish is also known for its classic reds.  If you aren’t the type of person who usually wears red nail polish I bet there is a shade for you that you don’t know about.

Here are the best 10 red OPI Nail Polish colours that you can get on Amazon:

Big Apple Red

Big Apple Red OPI
Big Apple Red OPI

If you want the best red polish on the market (next to Chanel), I suggest you look at the colour “Big Apple Red“.  It is a blue undertone which means the red is more on the cherry side so you get that classic red tone. This one from OPI is the Infinite Shine Lacquer is still a regular nail polish but it just has a brighter shine and longer wear.

Here is the link to the Big Apple Red Infinite Shine option to purchase on Amazon.

Como Se Llama

Como Se Llama Amazon
Como Se Llama

Como Se Lama is more of a wine red colour that is perfect for the fall.  I have tried Como Se Lama for many years and it is always a shade that I come back to.  If you are a fan of burgundy colours then you’ll love this shade!

Como Se Lama Swatch
Como Se Lama Swatch

Tempera-ture is Rising

Tempera Ture is Rising Swatch
Tempera Ture is Rising Swatch

Tempera-ture is Rising is a red that is on the orange side.  It is called this name because it is supposed to represent a fiery and hot temperature.  The shade is again on the orangey red side but can also slightly resemble a coral shade. Regardless, it is one of the best reds for any Spring/Summer wardrobe.

My Solar Clock is Ticking

My Solar Clock Is Ticking
My Solar Clock Is Ticking

My Solar Clock is Ticking from OPI is on more of the muted orange side but it is still a red.  If you want to wear red but aren’t sure where to start, this shade is the perfect introduction to wearing a red shade.  It does come off as a bit orangey but you can see see the red undertones.

An Affair in Red Square

An Affair in Red Sqaure
An Affair in Red Sqaure

An Affair in Red Square is one of the truer reds from OPI.  This one has blue undertones and it is a staple in the OPI collection. The finish on this colour is more of a pearlized effect so you’re getting a more dimensional look.  It ends up looking glossy and has a bit of a shine to it.

Best Dark OPI Nail Polish

Lincoln Park After Dark

lincoln park after dark
lincoln park after dark

I had to start with my ultimate favourite dark OPI nail polish and that is definitely Lincoln Park After Dark.  This colour is a staple of many because it is basically one shade away from being black and has a dark purple undertone or hue to it.  I find that it is my go to shade for the winter and I pick up a new bottle of Lincoln Park After Dark every Fall!



Vampsterdam is from the 2012 Holland Collection by OPI – yes you heard that right! Sometimes, collections from OPI become staples and they become colours that end up being a part of the full collection.  Vampsterdam has deep purple hues but it is still lighter than Lincoln Park After Dark. If you want to go deep and dark but don’t want to commit to extremely dark then this would be a great colour to start with.

Yes My Condor Can-Do

Yes My Condor Can Do
Yes My Condor Can Do

This shade is eerily similar to Lincoln Park After Dark (yes I am comparing everything to this amazing colour).  Yes My Condo Can-Do is more on the eggplant side than black. You’ll still get the purple hue but you won’t get that extremely dark feeling from Lincoln Park After Dark.  It’s a lovely shade that works really well daytime or night.

My Private Jet

My Private Jet
My Private Jet

Now if you’re looking for black with a bit of something extra, you’ll want to check out the OPI shade called My Private Jet. This Shade isn’t just black but it has the smallest sparkles to it.  The sparkles are silvery and are really fine so they don’t look too chunky. Honestly, if I was going to wear any black shade it would be this one!

My Private Jet Swatch
My Private Jet Swatch

They can all be purchased on Amazon as well so please feel free to check them out. 

OPI Nail Envy Review

OPI has other products that help your nails grow and repair such as Nail Envy can also be bought on Amazon.  Nail Envy helps your nails grow by repairing them. The main ingredient in Nail Envy is a hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium that helps make your nails harder. Nail Envy is clear so you should wear it under your coloured nail polish.

Recently, I picked up Nail Envy that had a tinted colour to it in “Bubble Bath”. It is the same colour as mentioned above in the OPI Nail Polish review. Essentially, this is a one stop shop because it is Nail Envy and a nail colour in one. It repairs your nails while letting you wear your favourite OPI Nail polish colour!

I used Nail Envy for about a month and changed the coats with a fresh one each week for a total of 4 weeks. I noticed that my nails were noticeably harder and they weren’t peeling as much. If you struggle with your nails peeling then you’ll definitely want to try Nail Envy.

Nail Envy is also really good if you’ve used bio gel on your nails. I had been using bio gel for about 1 full year nonstop so when I took off my nails I needed Nail Envy badly. Nail Envy is also good if you have been wearing acrylic nails for a long time as well.

Where to Buy Nail Envy in Canada

I have had an easy time finding OPI Nail Envy in Canada. I have found Nail Envy at Winners or Marshalls. I have also found OPI Nail Envy at Trade Secrets or any other nail salon that carries the full line of OPI Nail Polish in Canada. You can also find OPI Nail Envy at Walmart Canada if you believe it.

OPI Nail Polish Canada is easier to find than it used to be. Since OPI Nail Polish is one of the most well known nail polish brands in the world, it makes finding most of the colours pretty easy.

Here is a photo of how the OPI Nail Envy looks – this is the normal Nail Envy.

Nail Envy
Nail Envy

You may also want to check out Amazon for the Nail Envy colours because they have a big selection. Here are some of the Nail Envy colours on Amazon so you can wear it like nail polish:

Nail Envy Bubble Bath Amazon
Nail Envy Bubble Bath Amazon
Hawaiin Orchid Nail Envy
Hawaiin Orchid Nail Envy
Nail Envy Samoan Sand OPI
Nail Envy Samoan Sand OPI

OPI Gelcolor Canada

If you’re wondering if OPI creates a gel nail polish, you are in luck! There is a line called OPI Gelcolour which is available in Canada. The Gelcolor line is like a “shellac” that is dried with a UV or LED lamp.

The dry time is super quick and the nail polish lasts usually for up to 2 weeks.

What is great about the OPI Gelcolor is that it comes in all of the legacy OPI shades so if you prefer this formula then you’ll be able to wear your favourite shade of nail polish!

Here are some of the OPI Gelcolor shades that are popular in Canada:

OPI Gelcolor Shades Canada

Bubble Bath

Let’s be Friends!

You’ve got that Glas-Glow

Don’t Bossa Nova me Around

Malaga Wine

Funny Bunny

Tiramisu for Two

Lisbon Wants Moor

Love is the Bare

Big Apple Red

Put it in Neutral

A Kiss on the Chic

Edinburgh-ER & Tatties

Good Girls Gone Plaid

I’m not really a Waitress

My Favourite Gal Pal

Black Cherry Chutney

Black Onyx

Do You Take Lei Away?

Born to Sparkle

A Hush of Blush

Got the Blues for Red

Yes my Condo Can-Do!

Pile on the Sprinkles

All About the Bows

Isn’t She Iconic!

Mod About You

Amore at the Grand Canal

Let me Bayou a Drink

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Coca-Cola Red

Boys be Thistle-ing at Me

Let’s Celebrate!

Let Love Sparkle


A Little Guilt Under the Kilt

Russian Navy

Many Celebrations to Go!

Hello Pretty

Ginger’s Revenge

Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon

The Thrill of Brazil

Today I Accomplished Zero

You’re such a Budapest

My Vampire is Buff

We The Female

Alpine Snow

Lincoln Park After Dark

Envy the Adventure

Be There in a Prosseco

CIA = Colour is Awesome

Just Lanai-ing Around

Iceland a Bottle of OPI

Engage-meant to be

It’s a Boy!

Glitter to My Heart

Baby, Take a Vow

Things I’ve seen in Aber-Green

Bare my Soul

Chiffon-d of You

Taupe-Less Beach

Chick Flick Cherry

I am what I Amethyst

Reykjavik Has All The Hot Spots

Made it to the Seventh Hill!

March in Uniform

How Great is Your Dane?

It’s in the Cloud

My Private Jet

Miami Beet

I couldn’t Bare-less

Dancing Keeps me on my toes

Kyoto Pearl

Suzi & The Arctic Fox

Spare me a French Quarter?

Turn on the Northern Lights!

Suzi Chases Portu-Geese

Suzi – The First Lady of Nails

Got Myself into a Jam-Balaya

My Solar Clock Is Ticking

Alpaca My Bags

You Don’t Know Jacques!

Hotter than you Pink

Dazzling Dew Drop

Gold Key To The Kingdom


Bogota Blackberry

I Pull the Strings

Charmmy & Sugar


Stay off the Lawn!

Red Heels Ahead

Berry Fairy Fun

Green on the Runway

Machu Peach-U

Back to Reality

Rice Rice Baby

Hello Hawaii Ya?

Shh…It’s Top Secret!

Less is Norse


Krona-Logical Order

Como Se Llama?

Tell me About it Stud

My Gondola or Yours?

Cajun Shrimp

OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn

Dance Party ‘Teal Dawn

It’s a Piazza Cake

Pompeii Purple

Ice-Burgers & Fries

Can’t Find My Czechbook

Yank my Doodle

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Dutch Tulips

I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana

Closer than you might Belem

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow

V-I-Pink Passes

Strawberry Margarita

Chills are Mulitplying!

Meet a Boy As Cute As Can Be

Worth a Penny Penne

Tinker, Tinker, Winker?

Coconuts over OPI


I Cannoli Wear OPI

Show Us Your Tips!

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!

Pink Ladies Rule the School

The Color that Keeps on Giving

The Berry Thought of You

Sun, Sea and Sand In My Pants

Stop It I’m Blushing!

On Pinks and Needles

You’ve got Nata on Me

Grandma Kissed a Gaucho

Candied Kingdom

Red Hot Rio

Squeaker of the House

O Suzi Mio

I Can Never Hut Up

Adam Said “It’s New Year’s Eve”


OPI…Eurso Euro

Gelato On My Mind

Samoan Sand

OPI By Popular Vote

Check Out the Old Geysirs

Suzi Will Quechua later

Crawfishin’ For A Compliment

Suzi Shops & Island Hops

Aloha From OPI

Shorts Story

Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs

This Cost Me A Mint

Lavendar to Find Courage

Hopelessly Devoted to OPI

Polly Want a Lacquer?

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

We Seafood and Eat It

Tile Art To Warm Your Heart

This isn’t Greenland

Princesses Rule!

Get Cherried Away

Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite

Nice Set of Pipes

One Heckla Of A Color!

Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith

Throw me a Kiss

Pirouette My Whistle

Take a Right On Bourbon

Pale to the Chief

Ring Bare-er

Suzi Nails New Orleans

Lima Tell You About this Color!

Chopstix and Stones

Kanpai OPI!

Yodel me on my Cell

Purple Palazzo Pants

Freedom of Peach

Is That A Spear In Your Pocket?

Color So Hot It Berns


All Your Dreams in Vending Machines

I Believe in Manicures

Flip Flops and Crop Tops

Another Raman-tic Evening

Hurry-Juku Get this Color!

Do You Lilac It?

Down To the Core-AI

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

That’s Hula-Rious

This Color’s Making Waves

Gimme a Lido Kiss

I’m Sooo Swamped!

Rich Girls & Po-Boys

I Manicure for Beads

She’s a Bad Muffuletta!


Pink Flamenco

The I’s have it

Two-Timing the Zones

Suzi Without a Paddle

No Tan Lines

Cozu-Melted in The Sun

My Chihuahua Bites

I’ll Have A Gin & Tectonic

Suzi Has A Swede Tooth

Spoken From The Heart

OPI On Collins Ave

My Wish List Is You

I Stop for Red

Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

Tagus In That Selfie!

Now Museum, Now You Don’t

A Red-Vival City

Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast!

Was It All Just a Dream?

You’re the Shade That I want

Arigato From Tokyo

Samurai Breaks a Nail

Pump Up The Volume

Positive Vibes Only

My Car Has Navy-gation

My Address is “Hollywood”

No Turning Back from Pink Street

Teal Me More, Teal Me More

I Carol About You

Glitter All The Way

Dreams Need Clara-Fication

I Love You Just Becuso

Toying with Trouble

Don’t Toot My Flute

I’m On A Sushi Roll

Orange You A Rock Star?

Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San

As you can see this list is so long that most of the OPI Nail Polish Canada Colours do have a gelcolor equal to them. You can also use this list of OPI Colours to find out which ones are your favourites and if the colour you like comes in a gelcolor.

Additionally, OPI Nail Polish Canada is almost the exact same as in the United States. The colour selection is amazing so you never have to worry about not having a colour from OPI in Canada.

OPI Infinite Shine Review

OPI Infinite Shine Nail polish is a long wear formula from OPI that lasts longer than the average nail polish colour. It gives you the look of gelcolor and lasts for up to a week without chipping where the OPI regular nail polish or nail lacquer usually chips up to 5 days of wear.

I love the OPI Infinite Shine selection because I don’t always like wearing gel or shellac nail polish on my nails but I find when you use the entire system of the OPI Infinite Shine the colours last a pretty long time.

In order to use the OPI Infinite Shine properly, you need to get all of the steps that include the OPI Infinite Shine base coat and OPI Infinite Shine top coat because the formula is different from the regular lacquer base and top coats.

The CND Shellac line has a longwear formula that is also very comparable to the OPI Infinite Shine. Both are great options if you don’t want to wear gel or shellact colours.

The best place to buy a big selection of OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish is on Amazon Canada. There is a huge selection of bold and neutral colours as well as you can purchase the top coat and base coat for Infinite Shine.

Here are a few of my favourite OPI Infinite Shine Colours on Amazon Canada:

OPI Infinite Shine Tokyo Collection 2019
OPI Infinite Shine Tokyo Collection 2019
OPI Infinite Shine Reds
OPI Infinite Shine Reds
OPI Infinite Shine Bubble Bath
OPI Infinite Shine Bubble Bath

Where to buy OPI Nail Polish Canada

You can buy OPI Nail Polish in Canada at the following places:

Trade Secrets

Hudson’s Bay

Chatters Hair Salon

Amazon Canada


You can also visit almost any nail salon in Canada and they are bound to carry OPI nail polish.

Does Walmart Canada Sell OPI Nail Polish?

You may be wondering if Walmart Canada sells OPI nail polish? In fact, Walmart Canada does on Walmart.ca. However, I believe the OPI nail polish is only sold online and not in stores.

How is OPI nail polish different from others in the market?

OPI Nail Polish is still a regular nail polish that to the naked eye isn’t too different from any other nail polish on the market. However, it is the quality and lasting power of OPI that makes it unique.

OPI Nail Polish vs. Essie Nail Polish

In Canada, there are two main nail polish brands that are the top brands in Canada. They are OPI Nail Polish and Essie Nail Polish.

The difference between the two is minimal but overall, OPI nail polish tends to have bolder colours and lasts longer.

The OPI brush is longer and thicker than the Essie brush and the formula is also a bit thicker.

Essie nail polish colours are light and fun and the formula is not as thick. Essie nail polish can be found at drug stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. One may associate Essie with the lower end brand.

I find that Essie nail polish doesn’t wear as long as OPI so I would say that is the biggest difference between the two.

This is my OPI Nail Polish Canada review! For more beauty reviews like this one from your girl Elyssa Sugar from Canada, follow me on Instagram @Beautyreviewsca for more!

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