Nudestix Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Colour Review + Swatches


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If you haven’t heard of Nudestix yet, they are a cream based makeup company that has mastered the no makeup makeup look.

I have so many products by Nudestix because they work fast and are easy to apply. Also, their products are great for eyes, lips and face so they are a multipurpose product.

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I really think Nudestix is one of the first makeup brands to come out with a cream blush stick. Makeup by Mario has just come out with his sculpting line of cream blushes. Other brands such as Ilia, Merit Beauty, Milk Makeup and even Anastasia Beverly Hills has followed suit with easy to blend cream blush products.

One of the best selling summer cream blushes is the Nudestix Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Colour.

The best place to shop for Nudestix is either at Sephora or on the Nudestix website. The Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Colour Nudestix retail for $38 CAD and can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Nudies all over dewy colour in bloom tiger lily

These are cream blushes but they are dewy and sheer. They can be built up to be more vibrant but ultimately they are so blendable and easy to wear.

The Nudies in Bloom All Over Dewy Colour cream blushes come in seven colours:

  • Poppy Girl
  • Sweet Peach Peony
  • Cherry Blossom Babe
  • Tiger Lily Queen
  • Bohemian Rose
  • Rusty Rouge
  • Crimson Lover

I have Sweet Peach Peony and Cherry Blossom Babe and I will say that I use both of these interchangeably. They blend into the skin and work really well with other powder and cream products. They start out very sheer which makes them easy to apply as a cream blush. They look like they are melting but they are just a very soft product and melt beautifully into the skin.

Sweet peach peony and cherry blossom babe Nudestix review
Close Up of Nudestix Nudies in Bloom All Over Dewy Colour: Sweet Peach Peony & Cherry Blossom Babe

I will never stop wearing these products as long as Nudestix makes them. As a new mom they are easy to apply and give me the perfect dewy look.

Sweet Peach Peony is very similar to the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk (click for review).

If you want more of a red and coral tone then go for Tiger Lily Queen and Poppy Girl. If you have cool tones, you should try the new shade called: “Bohemian Rose” which is a cool toned pink.

Here are some of the swatches for Sweet Peach Peony and Cherry Blossom Babe:

Cherry Blossom Babe Swatch Nudestix Nudies
Nudestix Nudies All Over Dewy Colour in Cherry Blossom Babe Swatch

Here I am wearing Cherry Blossom Babe on both the lips and cheeks (don’t mind my freshly showered hair!).

Cherry blossom babe Nudestix on cheeks and lips
Wearing Cherry Blossom Babe from Nudestix on cheeks and lips

Sweet Peach Peony and Cherry Blossom Babe Swatches:

Cherry blossom babe swatch and sweet peach peony swatch
Cherry Blossom Babe on Top, Sweet Peach Peony on Bottom

I love these Nudestix because they are great on the eyes and lips too for a monochromatic look. The stick also has a brush on the end for blending but I prefer to use my fingers. The fingers tend to warm up the product so it blends more evenly into the skin.

I have also used a lot of other products from Nudestix which I swear by including the Tinted Blur Stick, Magnetic Eye Colour and Tinted Cover Foundation.

You may be wondering if Nudestix is a good brand?

I have over 20 products from Nudestix so I can expertly say that Nudestix is a very good brand when it comes to cream products. Most of their products are multi-purpose which allows them to have a lot of versatility.

Let me know if you want to see more Nudestix reviews because I have enough to do a full face of makeup with Nudestix.


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