New Fenty Liquid Highlighter Liquid Killawatt + Swatches

Fenty Killawatt

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If you love Fenty Beauty then you’ll be so excited for the New Fenty Highlighter + Swatches in this post. I have done some research and learned that Fenty Beauty is releasing new liquid highlighters called Liquid Killawatt. This is a lightweight fluid highlighter that delivers a high-shine transfer resistance glow. It’s buildable and ultra smooth and very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter wand!

Fenty Beauty new Liquid Highlighter

There are 5 shades available based on your skin tone but honestly, they are so universal I think anybody could wear any of the Liquid Killawatt shades.

Here are the swatches of the Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt highlighers:

  • Sidechick
Fenty Killawatt Liquid Highlighter – Side Chick – Opal Gold
  • Vintage Velour
Fenty Killawatt Liquid Highlighter – Vintage Velour – Platinum Pink

  • Hu$Tla Baby 2.0
Fenty Killawatt Liquid Highlighter – HU$TLA Baby 2.0 a Peachy Champagne

  • Honey Hawtie
Fenty Killawatt Liquid Highlighter – Honey Hawtie – Copper Gold
  • Butta Brownie
Fenty Killawatt Liquid Highlighter – Butta Brownie – Bronze Gold

Here are all of the Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt Liquid Highlighters together on a variety of skin tones so you can get an idea of how these highlighters wear.

Swatches of Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt Highlighter

They are going to be released December 10, 2021 on and It will retail for $28 USD and you can sign up for email notifications so you can order them on right when they come out.

Who’s getting one?

Also, if you want to save 20% off then just wait to use the Sephora Coupon Code: GIFTEASY on December 10th so you can save 20% on these babies!


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