Nars New Blush plus New Orgasm Shade!

Nars Blush New Orgasm X Spring 2020

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NARS just released 10 new shades of their popular blush. I wrote a post about “NARS Blush dupes which you can read about here. The 10 new shades are a bit modernized but what is the most exciting is the new NARS blush orgasm shade.

The 10 new NARS blush shades are a mix of matte and shimmer finishes. With names like: Aroused or Zen, you get drama and relaxation vibes. There are also bright pink hues such as Thrill or Couer Battant that have bright pink vibes with a matte finish.

NEW Orgasm X Swatch and Review

Nars Blush Swatch Orgasm X

It has been announced that NARS is coming out with another Orgasm blush shade called Orgasm X.

Nars Blush New Orgasm X Spring 2020

It is another take on the popular coral blush with a hint of shimmer. This time the coral is richer in colour so you’ll get a healthy glow. If you like Super Orgasm you may love this one because there is still a lot of shimmer but it has a coral glow.

The regular Orgasm blush is more on the traditional pink tone so when you look at Orgasm X you are getting more of a juicy orange look on the cheeks.

2 new Matte Bronzers Launching Spring 2020!

Nars New Matte Bronzer Spring 2020
Nars Matte Bronzers Launching Spring 2020 on Sephora and Nars Cosmetics

Additionally, NARS is launching 2 new matte bronzers in a light and darker shade. They appear to be your typical packaging but are bigger to allow your brush to have more real estate.

The new NARS blushes and bronzers are set to launch on Sephora and NARS Cosmetics websites around April or May 2020 (spring or summer 2020).

Nars New Blush Swatches

Now that you know all about Orgasm X, here are the other new NARS blush in the collection:

Couer Battant

Nars Blush Couer Battant
Nars Couer Battant Blush – Spring 2020


Nars Blush New Savage
Nars Savage Blush – Spring 2020


Nars Blush Dominate
Nars Dominate Blush Spring 2020


Nars Blush Review Tempted
Nars Blush Tempted Spring 2020


Nars Blush - Behave
Nars Blush Behave Spring 2020


Nars Blush Thrill Spring 2020
Nars Blush Thrill Spring 2020


Nars Blush Aroused Spring 2020


Nars New Blush Ilicit
Nars Blush Ilicit Spring 2020


Nars Blush Neutral Zen
Nars Blush Zen 2020

All of the NARS new blush shades are carefully thought out and have a beautiful colour palette. Will you be picking up any of these? I think I will have to pick up Orgasm X!

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