Nail Trends 2023

nail trends 2023

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I’m COMPLETELY obsessed with these nail trends 2023 that I couldn’t contain myself from writing this blog post any longer. We’re heading into spring 2023 and the nail trends are in full effect.

We’ve got everything from mermaid nails, holographic lavender nails, pearl nails and more.

This holographic nail frenzy started with the Hailey Bieber Chrome manicure in 2022. I think this nail trend has evolved in 2023 because we’re starting to see variations of the chrome effect in nails.

Also, French manicures are back but in a bit of a different way than how we’ve seen them before. More milky pinks and micro French lines for a polished, dainty look.

Nail length is also changing it up in 2023. The nail trends in 2023 will be to go for short nails instead of long nails. The nail bed is really how far you should file down to if you want to get the sophisticated short nail look.

Keep reading for more 2023 nail trends!

1. Purple holographic nails

Let’s take our chrome manicures and make them purple, lilac or any shade of lavender. Combining purple with iridescent is the latest nail trend in 2023. This cyborg effect takes the chrome manicure up a notch. If you’re not sure what this means think anything that looks like unicorn tears! Here are some examples of Purple Holographic Nails:

Purple holographic nail trend 2023
Light Lavender Holographic Nail Trend 2023

nail Trends 2023: The best holographic purple nail polish for spring

Lakur by Londontown Enhanced Colour in BRILL-ant is the perfect mix of chrome and purple together. You can purchase this at Shoppers Drugmart in Canada. You can also find Lakur by Londontown at Macy’s or Anthropologie in the United States. They also have their own direct website as well.

Lakur Enhanced Colour in BRILL-ant by Londontown

Nails Inc. is cruelty free and dry down quickly. The quality of Nails Inc. is truly incredible and their colours are very of the moment. This set by Nails Inc. can be found at Sephora and it is their “Glazing Over” collection where the two shades give a holographic wash of colour. The duo comes with two polishes: Glazy for You and Donut Give Up. You can see the indigo purple shade that has a lovely iridescence to it.

This duo can only be purchased at Sephora for $20 CAD.

Nails Inc. Glazing Over Duo Nail Polish Set

2. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid nails are one of the strongest nail trends 2023 for Spring. These are colours that continue the holographic nail trend but by using a variety of different colours and shades. These can be chrome colours from blues, pinks, yellows greens and yes purple too! The idea with mermaid nails is so wear all of the shades together to get a very pearlescent shade range. You can go for an aquamarine look too with different ranges of blue shades but sparkles are also key for this nail trend 2023!

Here are examples of the best mermaid nails in 2023:

Mermaid Nail Trend 2023
Mermaid Nail Trend 2023
Mermaid Nail Trend 2023

The best nail polish for the mermaid nail trend for Spring 2023

OPI Infinite Shine Switch to Portrait Mode is a longwear nail polish newly reformulated to last longer than average regular nail polish. This shade is perfect for the mermaid nail trend because it reflects a powder pink pearl effect that shines as it catches the light.

OPI Infinite Shine – Switch to Portrait Mode

Another shade from OPI is called “I Meta My Sunshine”. This is also a pearlescent pink but a bit darker. You could mix this one with “Switch to Portrait” mode or combine a few fingers of each! The idea of the mermaid nail trend in 2023 is to not make them so matchy matchy so have fun with it.

You can also go for a water based look for the mermaid nail trend in 2023. Some examples of this would be blues and greens with shimmer or sparkle to them. Here are a few of my favourite mermaid nail colours:

Deborah Lippmann “Mermaids Dream” is a seafoam colour with sparkles inside.

Deborah Lippmann – Mermaids Dream Nail Polish

Another perfect shade of blue and green for mermaid nails is “The Pearl of Your Dreams” by OPI. This polish came out in 2022 but it is perfect for that ocean mermaid nail trend in 2023.

“The Pearl of Your Dreams” OPI nail polish

Another perfect blue toned hue for mermaid nails is also by OPI called “OPI Angels Flight to Starry Nights“. This is also a unicorn hue and has a colour shift for the perfect holographic mermaid look for Spring 2023.

“Angels Flight to Starry Nights” by OPI

Lakur by Londontown in “Cheshire Plains” is the perfect teal toned blue hued sparkle nail polish that will help you rock your mermaid nails in 2023.

“Cheshire Plains” by Lakur by Londontown

3. Bright Yellow Nails

Don’t sleep on yellow nails! If you’re worried that yellow nails will not work with your skin tone, literally any shade of yellow will do. There are pastel bright yellows to more golden yellows. The idea is to be bold and bright in 2023 with nail trends!

Yellow Nail Trend 2023
Yellow Nail Trend 2023

Do not be afraid of yellow nail polish. In fact, here are a few yellow nail polish options for all skin tones:

Butter London Patent shine 10 X Nail Lacquer in the shade “Bit of Sunshine” is probably the most perfect yellow nail polish I have ever seen.

Butter London – Bit of Sunshine

If you want a yellow nail polish from the drugstore, Sally Hansen makes a perfect soft yellow from their Miracle line. The shade “Sunbrella” is also a very perfect yellow shade. Bright enough to be a bit more impactful than a pastel yellow.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish – “Sunbrella”

4. Micro French Manicures

French manicures are back but in a whole new way! Not only are Micro French Manicures back as a hot nail trend for Spring 2023 but the idea is to make the tips coloured! Think of all your favourite spring time hues you really wan to get into a thin line of bright colours. Or, you could go the alternative route and go for a milky white pink French Manicure. The nail trend for 2023 is to ensure your French Manicure is on short nails and has a sophisticated look and feel.

Here are some examples of Micro French Manicures that are popular for 2023:

Nail Trends 2023 – Micro French Manicures
Nail Trends 2023 – Micro French Manicures
Nail Trends 2023 – Micro French Manicures

As you can see, the micro French Manicure trend includes a thin strap for a French Manicure but also bright colours. You can also do a milky white French Manicure as seen below:

There you have some of the most popular nail trends 2023 has to offer! If you have additional nail polish trends that you’d like to submit please leave me a note in the comments.


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