Nail Polish Review: Zoya 6 Piece Intriguing Collection

Zoya Nail Polish Review

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Zoya Nail Polish is one of the best nail polish brands out on the market.

The reason why people prefer Zoya Nail Polish vs. OPI or Essie is because it is a longwearing nail polish with natural ingredients.

Zoya did their best to remove toxins such as formaldehydes and other harsh chemicals from their nail polish.

Not only is Zoya one of the best non-toxic longwearing nail polishes on the market but they have the latest colours and trends.

I was lucky enough to be sent the 6 piece Intriguing Collection from Nail Polish Canada.

Zoya Intriguing Collection

Nail Polish Canada has an amazing selection of nail polish ranging from all brands, but especially Zoya.

This article will review the 6 piece Intriguing Collection but first, let’s talk about the quality of the brand: Zoya.

Zoya Nail Polish Quality

Overall, the quality I experienced when using the Intruiging Collection was amaing.

Zoya Nail Polish is very easy to apply and goes on smoothly.

The brush applicator isn’t too big which for me is great because I can get into the smaller parts of the finger.

I also found that I didn’t even need a second coat if I didn’t have time for it.

The pigment in the Zoya nail polish is perfect for just one coat, especially for the glitter.

Intriguing Collection Colours

The colours in the 6 piece intriguing collection are perfect for the fall and winter months.

The first three shades are an array of warm berry tones while the last 3 shades are on the cooler side.

Here are each of the colours for the Zoya Intriguing Collection:

Soki, Beverly, Avi
Brett, Lottie, Isti

You can see how versatile this nail polish collection is.

If you love a mix of classic and shimmer shades this set is for you!

Click here to buy the Zoya 6 Piece Intriguing Set by Zoya and discover some of the other amazing shades at Nail Polish Canada.


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