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The most exciting thing about this post is that Meriance Collagen is that this product is made in Quebec Canada! I always try to support Canadian beauty brands and Meriance Collagen did not let me down.

The package I was sent is their Anti-Aging skin care kit.  This kit consisted of a variety of serums and creams that cover all of the areas I’m sensitive about.  I used this kit for about 2 weeks and have noticed a significant difference in the firmness around my eyes and noticeably fine lines aren’t as prominent.  My skin appears more plump if you will and brighter for sure!

Turning 34 in two short months has got me thinking about preventing my skin from aging.  It is only now that I realize I should start exploring anti-aging skincare to catch those wrinkles before they start.  

Meriance focuses on skin from ages 30 – 60 plus which is not so common to find in a skin care line.  The fact that Meriance focuses on the specific issues aging skin faces is what I love about this brand so much.

Check out my before and after photos with absolutely no retouching.  Day 14 is just a little bit of makeup, not even a full coverage and the lighting has not been touched up at all.

Meriance before and after


Who is Meriance Collagen?

Meriance Collagen is simple skincare with a luxury twist.  The packaging is sleek and sits nicely on the countertop. There are no perfumes in their products, they are hypo-allergenic and the methodology for creating them really gets down to science.  The products focus on providing a heavy concentration of anti-aging molecules in these products so the emphasis is on the problem the products are trying to solve.

The textures albeit a bit thick, melt into the skin quickly leaving your skin feeling extremely soft! I was pleasantly surprised how nice it felt to touch my face again and again!

Meriance Collagen focuses on the formula of the anti-aging skincare and even has one of the highest concentration of anti-aging molecules versus their competitors.  More active ingredients will provide stronger results!

I’ll get into each of the products they sent me because I think each of the products are unique and are special in their own way.

Meriance Rejuvenating Serum

meriance rejuvenating serum

I started with this product first because it is my absolute favourite.  I have started to get into serums and the Meriance Rejuvenating Serum did just that! The serum melts into skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling like so many serums do.  There is a gel-like consistency of this serum but it soaks in so nicely!

One of the reasons I love the Rejuvenating Serum so much is that it contains hyaluronic acid which is perfect for adding moisture for my skin type.  

Meriance Collagen Serum


The result of getting wrinkles is the breakdown of collagen in the skin.  The Meriance Collagen Serum, arguably one of the best in the line, helps delay this process by putting collagen back into the skin.  Again, since Meriance focuses on the product in its simplest form, the Collagen Serum helps to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness.  You can even see results after the first application which is great for me because I hate waiting to see results of skincare!

Meriance Anti-Aging Collagen Cream

meriance collagen cream

The Anti-Aging Collagen Cream is the perfect side kick to apply after the Collagen Serum.  The Anti-Aging Collagen Cream is a bit thick but I think that’s what makes this product so lovable.  The richness didn’t actually bother me and it soaked right into my skin and again, I could feel the softness it brought out.

Normally, I wouldn’t seek out a cream this rich but I know that it is necessary to have a thicker cream in order for the collagen to work its magic.  So, for my love of thin moisturizers has now been ever changed for a product that is so pure.

Meriance Eye Contour Cream

meriance eye cream

I have to say, I LOVE this eye cream.  I have tried many eye creams to know that they are not created equally.  The great thing about the Eye Contour Cream is that it’s thick enough to include the minerals that it needs but absorbs into skin really quickly! It felt so nice on my eyes and from using the cream for about 2 weeks or so, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my fine lines around my eyes.

Meriance Night Repair Cream

night serum meriance

I have started ensuing that I am completing a night routine regularly.  I haven’t always used a night cream or serum but since turning 30, I figured it was high time I got my act together in the way of prevention.  I put on the Meriance Night Repair Cream after washing my face with my favourite cleanser. It makes my face feel more nourished and fresh in the morning before I start my routine in the a.m.!

By using all of these products, I’ve seen a noticeable different in my overall skin texture and tone. It’s important to put nutrients in your skin that will help prevent wrinkles if you’re concerned about them and collagen is one of the best ingredients on the market right now.

I’m also really impressed with Meriance as a Canadian company who has forged ahead in the way of skincare.  Everything is well thought out and each ingredient has a specific purpose in its purest form. A big thank you to Meriance for opening my eyes up to their products as they have changed my outlook on anti-aging skin care.



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