L’Oreal Purchases Youth to the People

youth to the people acquired by L'oreal

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L’Oreal has acquired the clean skincare company “Youth To The People“.

Youth to the People is a skin care brand that uses vegan ingredients and practices earth friendly ways of conducting business and making products.

The founders Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez are very excited to expand the line with L’Oreal and view it as a very positive step in the brand’s career.

The vision of Cloyes and Gonzalez is to bring the best of the “health-concious, California lifestyle to high performance beauty”. I don’t really know what this means because skincare should be for everyone no matter if you’re from California or not!

However, when I think of Youth to the People I get a minimalistic vibe that is effortless and easy to use skincare.

My favourite Youth to the People product is the Kale Superfood Cleanser.

I’ve been using the Kale Cleanser for a long time and my honest review is that it is a simple gel cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin too tight after using it.

Another best seller from Youth to the People is the Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask which is an overnight drink of water for the skin.

I don’t think that Youth to the People would be as big as they are if it hadn’t been for Sephora focusing on their Clean Beauty and really pushing this skincare brand. However the Youth to the People website is amazing because there are products that don’t appear on Sephora’s website including apparel.

However, it is unknown how L’Oreal will be affecting the formulas of some of the products. I already know there have been some reformulations but that was before Youth to the People was acquired.

What do you think L’Oreal will do to this brand and will you continue to shop from Youth to the People if their products will be manufactured in China or have significant changes in formula?

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