Living Proof Full Shampoo Review

Living Proof Full Shampoo Review

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Living Proof Full Shampoo has changed my life – literally. I have such fine thin hair that I couldn’t imagine ever having thick hair because it’s simply not in my genetics. I also tried a bunch of other products in the line and used them together for ultimate volume.

I have tried so many voluminous shampoo brands that I had almost given up. Also, I am a firm believer that your hair gets used to a certain shampoo then the results won’t be as great as when you first started.

I’ve been using the Redken Volumizing Shampoo (pictured below) for quite some time and since I bought the big bottle – I’m not even halfway done but I’m already over it.

I went into my favourite little hub that Sephora place and bought myself the mini travel kit of the Living Proof Full Volume Line.

Living proof fullness volume

Living Proof Full Volume Trial Kit – Only at Sephora

Living Proof Full Shampoo Review
Living Proof Full Shampoo Available at Sephora

I have used this line before so I kind of knew what to expect but I figured I would try it again because in my research, I couldn’t find anything close to what the Living Proof brand promised in terms of volume.

There are different streams of the Living Proof Brand which are:

Full Line – Which we’ll go into in this review – it’s all about high volume for thin hair.

Restore – If your hair is damaged or has breakage then you’ll love this line. It’s perfect for over processed hair. There are also products in this line that focus on the scalp.

Perfect – If your hair isn’t too extreme but you want some body and light hold. There are also some amazing unique products that I’ve never heard of anywhere else.

For me – little miss fine haired girl, of course I would go with the Full Volume Line.

As I mentioned above, the Full Shampoo also has other unique products in the line that help to get the perfect effect. I’ll talk about them in this review of the Living Proof Full Shampoo.

I also love how Living Proof is sulfate free meaning that it doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils and is colour safe. You may find it harder to lather but that is actually a good thing.

Results of the Living Proof Full Shampoo

I have been using the Living Proof Full Shampoo for about 5 weeks now. Here are the main results of what I’ve noticed:

Roots Lifted – The most notable benefit of the Living Proof Full Shampoo is that you’ll see your roots are lifted sky high! It also is really fun to keep patting my hair and noticing that the roots stay lifted all day!

Long Lasting – My roots stay plump but all of my strands feel stronger too and this lasts throughout the next day. Usually, I have to wash my hair every day or else it gets greasy but in this case, if I use a dry shampoo or the Living Proof Dry Volume Blast (which I’ll get into the review below), I notice that I don’t have to wash my hair the next day.

Noticeable – One problem I usually get with my hair is that it’s pretty limp so people don’t ever take note of it or care about how it looks as I do. However, in the past 5 weeks I have gotten a lot of compliments!

In the travel kit I purchased from Sephora there was the Full Conditioner in there as well. Having thin hair I always asked myself: Do I need a conditioner for thin hair?

I figured if I was going to give myself a full shot with the entire Living Proof Full line then I would use all of the products in the line to allow me to get the look.

I used the Living Proof Full Conditioner on my ends only – sort of like a hair mask! I let the product sit on the roots of my ends in the shower for about 2 minutes and then rinsed off.  You can buy the full size or mini size of the Living Proof Full Conditioner at Sephora:

Living Proof Full Conditioner Review
Living Proof Full Conditioner Available at Sephora
Living Proof Full Conditioner Mini Review
Living Proof Full Conditioner Mini Available at Sephora

Living Proof Full Root Lift Spray Review

full root lift spray
Living Proof Full Root Lift

After I get out of the shower, I always have used a root lifter spray. I’ve been using the Alterna Caviar Root Lifting Spray (you can read the review here). It has additives in there that helps my hair stop shedding. However, as mentioned above I find that my hair becomes immune to products that I’ve used for a long time.

I decided to try the full root lift thickening spray because it was specifically designed for thin hair.

How to Use the Living Proof Full Root Lift Spray

I literally sprayed 3 pumps about 8 inches away from my roots and comb through. You also have to be careful not to let your hair dry too much because the root lifting spray is really sticky and can weigh the hair down if you don’t get to the blow dryer.

I haven’t let my hair air dry yet with the full root spray thickening spray but I’m still not sure I recommend that at all anyway.

Living Proof Thickening Cream Review

Living Proof Full Thickening Cream review
Living Proof Full Thickening Cream Available at Sephora

After I showered and used both the shampoo and conditioner, I used the Living Proof Thickening Cream on the ends of my hair.

The Thickening Cream is supposed to be lightweight but add some thickening to the hair strands in the middle to bottom of the hair. It does act like a conditioner so i decided to try this out in the process.

According to Sephora’s website, the Living Proof Thickening Cream ingredients are as follows:

Living Proof’s patented thickening molecule (PBAE), which creates thickening dots between hair strands so it feels like you have thicker hair.


The thickened cream is a unique product that helps hair in situations such as humidity and rain. It doesn’t weight your hair down or make it greasy. If it made my hair greasy I would definitely not be using this product!

How to use the Living Proof Thickening Cream

All you do to use the thickening cream is after you shower, you take a nickle-sized dot in your hands and rub them together and place the product from the middle to the ends of your hair.

I usually use a wide toothed comb to pull the product throughout the entire strands as I find it needs to be. My hair is usually damp at this point and i wait a bit before blow drying.

Results of the Living Proof Full Root Line

After using the Living Proof Full Root line for the past 5 weeks, I have decided that this is one of the best hair products for fine limp hair. Even though they are expensive, I think they are worth the cost. If you’re not sure that you want to invest yet in the full sized products, Living Proof has made both trial sizes and mini sizes of a few of their lines.  Again, you can purchase these all at Sephora: 

living proof hydration and repair
Living Proof hydration and repair trial set
Living Proof Healthy Strong
Living Proof Healthy Strong Kit

If you have tried this line then please give this review the stars you think it deserves! Hope you enjoyed this Living Proof Full Shampoo Review – including the line of additional Full products.  I would love to hear what you think!

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