KKW Beauty Shutting Down and Rebranding!


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As of August 1, 2021, KKW Beauty has announced they are shutting down and rebranding the current KKWBeauty.com website. The brand is going to be relaunched with all new formulas and packaging with an elevated and “sustainable” look.

I’m not sure what that means but this is huge news for a brand that is producing the same products over and over.

There’s also a 20% off sitewide sale going on RIGHT NOW at KKWBeauty.com and it will last until Sunday, August 1 at 12:00 a.m.

My suspicion is that KKW Beauty is rebranding due to Kim Kardashian splitting up with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian no longer keeping the West last name.

I think Kim Kardashian is going to change the name of her makeup line to something more simple like “Kim” or something else that resembles her brand but separates her from Kanye.

Here is a look at the last three KKW Beauty Eyeshadow palettes that were released. As you can see there is no innovation to the neutral shades and pops of colour.

The contour sticks are really passe and with Makeup by Mario creating his own line of contour sticks I would say he has given KKW Beauty a run for their money.

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KKW Camo Palette

KKW Cocoa Palette

KKW Smoke Palette

As you can see all of these eyeshadow palettes are boring and look the same. I can’t speak to the formula but I hope the new KKW Beauty line is going to be even better!~

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