Juliette Has a Gun Fragrance Review

Juliette Has A Gun Review

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If you haven’t heard of this new fragrance brand: Juliette Has a Gun (available at Sephora) – let me be the first to fill you in.  Juliette Has a Gun is a brand that I stumbled upon at Sephora and couldn’t stop going in for samples! If you haven’t heard of this expensive fragrance brand that can be described as unique and avant garde.  It defies the convention of luxury perfumes and fragrances in a few ways.

Juliette Has a Gun can be compared to stronger scented brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford.  It really takes some guts to wear some of the more pungent scents which I’ll list below.   Although strong, the scents are very feminine so you don’t have to worry about harsh tones.

The Packaging of The Juliette Has a Gun bottles are all opaque! Yep.  You cannot see how much of the perfume you have actually used.  They range in colour from navy, white and red.  The packaging on these fragrances really pushes the envelope by straying away from the glass bottle shelf effect.

Top 3 Juliette Has A Gun Scents

Through exploring the Juliette Has a Gun brand, I have come up with my top three favourite perfumes

MMMM – Comes in the red bottle!  This scent has notes of: Vanilla, Neroli, Sandalwood and Jasmine Sambac.  It can be described as sweet, sensual and elegant.  I would say this is my ultimate favourite scent and can be worn during the day or at night.

Juliette Has a Gun Review
MMMM… – $115 1.7 oz, $145 3.3 oz.

Gentlewoman – The Gentlewoman scent is an eau de cologne and like MMMM… has notes of Neroli, Almond Essence and Musk.  Although this sounds strong, the Gentlewoman scent has a feminine addictive edge which seems to be a theme for the Juliette Has A Gun brand.  The base of “Gentlewoman” being an eau du cologne stems from a male scent which has been spiced up.  Some reviewers on Sephora say it’s the perfect mix of an androgynous perfume.

Juliette Has a Gun
Juliette Has a Gun – Gentlewoman – $115, 1.7 oz., $145, 3.3 oz.

Lady Vengeance – She’s bold, confident and edgy. This scent is not for the faint of heart.  The Lady Vengeance scent has rich notes of Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli, Vanilla and Lavender.  It’s not for the faint of heart but you can see there is a strong sweet floral essence.  If you prefer more floral scents, Lady Vengeance will be a great addition to your fragrance collection.

Juliette Has a Gun Review
Lady Vengeance – $115, 1.7oz., $145, 3.3 oz.

Juliette Has a Gun Review
Lady Vengeance, Travel Size – $30 CAD

If you’re unsure of investing in the Juliette Has A Gun fragrance line yet, don’t forget to check out the Juliette has a gun discover kit at Sephora for $25.

Juliette has a gun
Juliette Has a Gun – Discovery Kit

Also, there are roller ball and travel versions for some of the scents and I picked up the MMMM… rollerball from Sephora for $30 CAD (Click to shop).

Juliette Has a Gun
MMMM… Travel Roller Ball – $30 CAD

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