Is Ariana Grande Coming Out With A Makeup Line?

Ariana Grande Allure Oct 2021 Cover 7

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The buzz is out and Ariana Grande is the center of attention when it comes to the beauty world right now.

Many people are asking: “Is Ariana Grande Coming Out With a Makeup Line?”. The answer is YES. Ariana Grande is launching a makeup brand with Forma Brands which is an offset of Morphe.

Forma brands represents Jaclyn Cosmetics (Jaclyn Hill) and Playa Beauty.

R.E.M. is the brand that Ariana Grande is partnering up with.

They are going to release the makeup launches in small drops and the first is all about eyes.

I suspect it is going to be a liquid liner to match with her signature winged liner or a very neutral eyeshadow palette. You can actually see the liquid eyeliner in the cover of Allure as Ariana Grande has a white line above her eyes.

She also loves mascara so you can expect that in the latest drop.

Also, what’s with celebrities doing makeup lines and launching just one or two items at a time?! Fenty keeps doing small launches and the same with Makeup by Mario.

Either way, Ariana Grande already has a perfume called Cloud an it is a best seller and dupe for a very expensive perfume. Cloud is so popular and it really is a best seller so I can only hope that the Ariana Grande makeup line is going to be just as good.

Ariana Grande’s makeup collection will launch in Fall 2021 (so very soon!). Ariana says this is her “dream” makeup line.

I’ll be sure to update the latest on the Ariana Grande Makeup line when I get more of an idea of what is coming.


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