Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm

Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm New Launch

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Launching March 27 on Sephora, Huda Beauty is launching a new product called their “Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm“. Read below for my honest review on this new launch by Huda Beauty.

***EDIT*** Huda Beauty released an announcement on Instagram that says the Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm WAS supposed to launch on March 27. However, due to COVID-19 and because all of the stores are still closed they are to postpone the launching until May.***

The Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating lip balm claims to have a glossy finish and contains soothing ingredients to moisturize.

The Huda Beauty lip balm comes in three shades: Seductress, Dirty Thoughts and Negligee.

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For my honest opinion on the Huda Beauty Diamond Lip Balm keep reading.

How much is the Huda Beauty Lip Balm Going to Be at Sephora?

The lip balm is going to retail on Sephora for $25 USD or $33 Canadian. To be honest, I think the price of this is very gimmicky.

Is the Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Worth It?

I don’t think that we need another lip balm full of diamonds to prove that our lips our KISSABLE. Are you kidding me?

I think the entire Huda Beauty line is very overdone. I feel that launching these three lip balms with diamonds in them is playing to a very saturated market.

I prefer lip balms from Dior or Fresh that is actually good quality. I feel that the diamond of these lip balms is going to just irritate my lips in the end.

I’ll be watching the reviews on Sephora to find out if I’m right about these cheap lip balms.

Either way, keep reading below for what each of the colours look like.

Swatches of the new Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm:

Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm dirty thoughts
Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm – Dirty Thought Swatch
Huda Beauty Hydrating Lip Balm Negligee
Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm – Negligee Swatch
 Huda Beauty Lip Balm - Seduction Swatch
Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm – Seduction Swatch

Huda Beauty also came out with their pastel eyeshadow palettes which I talk about in my Sephora Spring Sale 2020 picks.

Here’s a photo thanks to Makeupworldnews on Instagram, showing the swatches of each shade:

Huda Beauty New Hydrating Lip Balm Swatches

If you’re looking for something with not a lot of colour, but love the formula of Huda Beauty I suggest checking out these new lip blams.

They are also perfect for spring and have the slightest hint of shine to them.

Huda Beauty spring 2020 is shaping up to be a mix of pastels and light colours. In the past, Huda Beauty also focused on very deep makeup and harsh colours. Now she is toning it down with beautiful spring picks!

Huda Beauty Skincare “Wishful”

Huda Beauty is also launching skincare in 2020 called “Wishful. Until now, Huda was only a makeup brand but since the rise of skincare, she has gotten on the bandwagon.

The Wishful skincare line is not supposed to be overwhelming and every product has a purpose.

The Yo Glow Enzyme scrub is one of their feature products because it focuses on glowing skin with the ingredients of pineapple…or whatever.

The claim is that the Huda Beauty Skincare line is all natural but the packaging looks childish and the prices are silly.

To be honest, I think the Huda Beauty Wishful line is just a copy of Kylie Cosmetics skincare and I don’t think it will succeed.

Let me know your thoughts on any of the new Huda Beauty Launches including the Hydrating Lip Balm as well as the Wishful skincare line.

Hope you enjoyed this daily beauty review!


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