How to Get Free Makeup

how to get free makeup

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Makeup can be expensive which is why this blog post will show you how to get free makeup samples in store or online. This article will show you how to get free makeup samples from brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Sephora, Tatcha, Bobbi Brown and more!

There are many ways to get free makeup samples online. It also depends if the brand requires you to buy something first to get free samples. In the end, it can work out to be a better experience than going into the store. Online makeup brands tend to provide more free makeup samples online.

1. Sign up for Emails from Makeup Brands

When you sign up for makeup emails your favourite brands will notify you of special sales. You’ll also get exclusives on more free makeup samples that you can get! The best thing about signing up for emails is this is the best way to get a discount on makeup and skincare.


Sephora Beauty Offers Coupon Codes

Sephora is one of the brands that posts beauty deals where you can get free makeup upon making a purchase. Usually, there will be a threshold that you’ll have to spend such as $25 upward to $50 per purchase in order to get deluxe samples.

If you sign up for emails, you will get a notification about when these beauty offers drop. Sometimes they are only available for VIB or Rouge access members so you will want to become a Beauty Insider to get notified.

All of the deals can be found under the Sephora Beauty Offers Section here.

When you buy something at Sephora, you’ll also be able to choose from 2 samples. My best tip here is to pick the fragrance samples because they last the longest and you can throw them in your purse or travel bag!


Tatcha Free Gift Email Sign Up

Tatcha gives away free deluxe makeup samples if you sign up for their email. You can sign up and see all offers on their website here. Tatcha also has a referral program where you can get $20 off any purchase of $100 if your friend also purchases something.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Free Foundation Samples

If you’re looking for free Estee Lauder foundation samples, all you have to do is sign up for email at I am a big fan of the Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation. You can read about my Double Wear Review here.

When you sign up for email at Estee Lauder (called the Estee e-list) you will receive 15% off of one order.

With every $25 purchase on Estee Lauder you will be able to choose from FREE Estee Lauder foundation samples which include deluxe samples.

Estee Lauder also offers free shipping and returns on all orders big or small so you don’t have to worry about that!

You can also try 3 skincare samples with every order of $50 or more.


How to get makeup for free

When you shop at Smashbox, you’ll be able to get 15% off your purchase when you sign up for email. Additionally, Smashbox offers 4 free samples wtih any purchase at checkout.

I suggest signing up for Smashbox emails because they’ll notify you when products drop. Also, if you’re in Canada you get free Shipping when you shop at Smashbox!

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Free Makeup Samples

I am signed up for Bobbi Brown exclusive emails and always get notified of a sale or special offer. I always find something new and innovative from Bobbi Brown.

2. Provide your Birthday for free gifts

Another way to get free makeup is by putting your email in to receive your birthday gift. Sephora is known for having the best birthday gifts which you can redeem any time during your birthday month.

Here are some makeup brands that provide free makeup and skincare products:


The Sephora 2021 birthday gift allows you to choose from 3 different brands. You can choose from NARS, Laneige, Moroccanoil or Kerastase. You don’t have to buy anything. Sign up for the beauty rewards program and wait until your birthday month to go pick up your free gift!

From this selection of Sephora birthday gifts I would choose Milk Makeup. Read my review of the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek here.


If you buy skincare directly from Tatcha you can also receive a birthday gift if you input your email. The birthday gift from Tatcha right now is a beautiful makeup bag. You can also sign up for their email program and receive deluxe skincare samples from Tatcha.

Tatcha Free Birthday Gift


I love NARS makeup and have written about NARS blush dupes and the NARS Afterglow lip balm dupes. I found out that NARS has a birthday gift (available in the U.S.). There is a coupon code that changes every month to be able to receive your free gift.

The free gift is a two piece set of a lip crayon and a small blush. Anything by NARS is good quality so you won’t be disappointed with this one! Make sure you sign up 30 days before your birthday or else you won’t qualify for this NARS Freebie!

NARS Birthday Gift 2020

Urban Decay

Urban Decay has their own loyalty program called the “Junkies Program”. It is free to sign up and you begin earning points (1 point for every $1). If you get more points you will advance through the levels to get better perks.

Urban Decay has a free birthday gift at the lowest tier that gives a birthday gift as well as exclusive insight into new launches.

Unfortunately, the Urban Decay Junkies program is only open to residents of the U.S.


Smashbox Loyalty Points Program

Smashbox also has a reward system called “SmashCash”. This reward program has discounts, points, exclusives and free gifts even on your birthday. It is free to sign up and they even give you a bonus of $50

The downside to this program is that you have to make it to the second tier to qualify for the free gift on your birthday.

Mac Cosmetics

If you are a member of the Lover Loyalty Program you will get a lot more perks than you think! The Mac Loyalty program has three tiers: Lover, Devoted and Obsessed.

Spend is based on a calendar year but you’ll need to maintain a threshold of $150 per year to maintain your status.

Here are the Mac Cosmetics Lover Program tiers:

Mac Cosmetics Lover Program Tiers

Seduced – Just sign up and get perks like getting exclusive notifications of new product launches, the back to mac recycle program (select a lipglass, lipstick or eyeshadow).

Devoted – Spend $150 in a calendar year. This is where you get your birthday gift. Try new products first and get exclusive event invites. You will also get two complimentary MAC Lover Makeup Applications as well.

Obsessed – Spend $500 or more in a calendar year and get the same things as devoted but you’ll also receive a deluxe anniversary gift in addition to the birthday gift.

NYX Makeup Crew

If you love NYX and join their loyalty program called “Makeup Crew”, you can get some perks including . They do offer a free birthday gift as well as anniversary gift. You’ll also get first access to new product launches!

NYX Makeup Crew

3. Join a Loyalty Program

Some of the makeup programs I’ve listed above will help you get free makeup samples as well as a birthday gift. There are some that I didn’t mention. You have to pay to get into some loyalty makeup programs while others are free depending on how much you spend.

Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points are one of the best ways to get free makeup.

The points range on a scale and it’s really easy to rack up $10 worth of points very quickly.

Also Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Online often has 20x the points sales where they will multiple the amount of points you get on beauty items. This will help you get to the top level which is $350 to spend ANY WAY YOU WANT!

Considering Shoppers Drug Mart now has luxury brands such as: YSL Beauty, Dior Makeup and Estee Lauder, many people perfect shopping Shoppers Drug Mart and collecting points versus Sephora.

I wrote another post on the best brands at Shoppers Drug Mart which you can read here.

4. Facebook or Social Media Sites

If you go on some Facebook groups or reddit subreddits, many people are giving away their samples or selling luxury makeup for cheap. These products may be slightly used but for the most part you can’t go wrong if pick up someone’s Hourglass powder that is lightly touched.

Makeup Giveaways on Facebook and Instagram

Also, many brands and beauty gurus do a lot of makeup giveaways especially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (make sure to follow me!).

Giveaways are a great way to get free makeup especially if you follow micro-influencers who don’t have a lot of followers.


Another way I’ll show you how to get free makeup is through the platform called Influenster.

Influenster is a review site that specializes in makeup and beauty reviews. The more active you are on Influenster, the more the website will award you with points.

The more points you get, the more Influenster sees you as an authority and influencer.

How to Get Free Makeup On Influenster

If you are constantly reviewing and following other people on Influenster, you will be able to get free makeup!

They have a program called a “Vox Box”. What you have to do is answer a short survey and if you qualify and meeting the requirements of the box then they will send you free makeup!

There are some requirements of receiving the boxes which you need to be open to.

You’ll likely have to post on your social media and take specific photos or videos of the product.

The good thing about Influenster is that you don’t need to have a big following or be a beauty guru in order to get a free Vox Box!

Follow me here on Influenster and we can help each other grow and get more reviews!

I hope you enjoyed this review on how to get makeup for free and you’ll use the information to get free beauty samples!

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