How to Buy Paula’s Choice in Canada (Now at Sephora!)

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If you’ve heard of the skincare brand Paula’s Choice, you are probably looking for a skincare line that is fragrance-free, treats everything from acne to rosacea and is affordable.

Paula’s Choice has a treatment for every skin type and is committed to solving your skin issues. They are also known for having really great quality, similar to CeraVe and Cetaphil (read my post on CeraVe vs. Cetaphil here).

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How Can You buy Paula’s Choice in Canada?

Paula’s Choice has a direct website and is sold at Sephora as well. Sephora Canada JUST received some Paula’s Choice products on their website. The entire Paula’s Choice line is not available at Sephora but some of their best selling products are including the: 2% BHA Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliate, C15 Vitamin C Super Booster, C5 Super Boost Vitamin C Eye Ceram.

If you are from Canada, you can still purchase Paula’s Choice directly from their website but you will have to pay Shipping Costs if you spend less than $49. Keep reading to find out how you can get Paula’s Choice in Canada with promo codes and free shipping.

***Update*** Paula’s Choice has been bought and acquired by Unilever! This is great news as the brand expands and gains more recognition worldwide. Unilever only believes in strong brands that show results so if you are contemplating trying Paula’s Choice don’t hesitate!***

Paula’s Choice Shipping Policy Canada

If you are from Canada and you shop on Paula’s Choice, you will be charged in USD. This means that you should add approximately 30% on top of every price you see on the website since all prices are shown in USD.

You CAN get Free Shipping from Paula’s Choice when you spend $49 or more after all promo and discount codes are used. This means that you need to spend $49 USD before you can get free shipping to Canada.

Standard shipping to Canada is $7.50 and will take 14 business less after shipment date.

Does Paula’s Choice Charge Duties and Taxes at Checkout to Canadians?

Paula’s Choice does charge duties and taxes to Canadians at checkout on the website.

Paula’s Choice Return Policy Canada

Paula’s Choice does have a 100% money back guarantee even if you have used the product. They guarantee that the product will always work on your skin otherwise they will provide you with a refund.

This return is hassle free within 60 days, meaning they won’t question you and have to offer you a refund according to their policy.

If you are from Canada and paid for shipping, this cost is non-refundable and you cannot get a refund for shipping.

On their website, all costs are in USD so be careful when you apply the promo codes to think you’re getting a better deal.

Is Paula’s Choice Coming to Sephora Canada?

There was news that Paula’s Choice was supposed to come to Sephora Canada but likely because of COVID, it is taking longer to launch. You can see from my screenshot that as of today, June 26 2021, Paula’s Choice is NOT available at Sephora after doing a search for the brand.

Is Paula’s Choice Worth the Money?

YES! Paula’s Choice is one of the best skincare brands and it is moderately priced. Paula’s Choice is loved by people because the products actually get results. All of the products are researched thoroughly and there’s even an ingredients dictionary on their website that ranks all of the common skincare ingredients.

The reviews of Paula’s Choice have always been very good that people are asking for the brand to be more present in Canada. Also, Unilever has acquired and now owns Paula’s Choice and a brand such as Unilever wouldn’t purchase a company without doing further research.

Is the Ordinary as Good as Paula’s Choice?

No, the Ordinary seems like it has great reviews but keep in mind there is only one active ingredient per product. Paula’s Choice is formulated to combat direct skin concerns such as: exfoliating, hydrating and clinical. The ingredients are better researched and overall the brand has won more awards than The Ordinary.

Even though Paula’s Choice is a bit more expensive than the Ordinary, it isn’t too much more and you are getting much better value for the money in Paula’s Choice.

Best Selling Paula’s Choice Products

Paula’s Choice is known for the quality of their products but there are a few products that have gone viral on TikTok and recommended by big skincare gurus such as skin care by Hyram and others.

If you are wondering if Paula’s Choice is a good brand then you should keep reading about their best selling products.

Here are the best products from Paula’s Choice that MUST get if you are ordering from Canada.

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizer

If you have Dry to Very Dry Skin (not sure – take our personalized skin type quiz)

How to buy Paula’s Choice in Canada

The Paula’s Choice Replenishing Moisturizer is one of the best anti-aging moisturizers for dry skin. It releases moisture to the skin over time and is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. The Replenishing Moisturizer has similar peptides, antioxidants and botanicals that work together to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and overall smooth out the skin.

This is the only dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream to date.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Quite possibly the BEST selling Paula’s Choice product and what made the brand so popular is the 2% BHA liquid exfoliant.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant review Canada

If you are familiar with chemical exfoliants, the 2% active BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) helps with skin cell turnover and sheds built-up layers of skin. This formula isn’t harsh on the skin and exfoliates like a dream leaving your skin looking suepr glowy! I have written an honest review of the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA that you can read about here.

Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum

The Omega+ is an award winner and is an overall serum that mainly everyone can use.

Paula’s choice omega+ Complex serum review

The Omega+ Protects skin from environmental factors and is rich in Omega fatty acids: 3, 6, 9. Overall it reduces the look of wrinkles and dull skin. Apply this serum in the day and night but don’t forget to apply an SPF in the daytime.

This is a gentle, daily serum that almost any skin type can use.

I hope this guide on how to buy Paula’s Choice in Canada has been helpful in determining if you will make a purchase.

If you like this buying guide please let me know in the comments below what you liked and what could be improved!


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