Ultimate Guide on How To Buy ColourPop in Canada

How to buy ColourPop in canada

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ColourPop is an amazing affordable makeup brand that got its start online in the U.S. by a brother and sister duo.


You may be asking a few questions about the brand ColourPop:

Why does everyone like ColourPop so much? Why is ColourPop so cheap? And Can I buy ColourPop in Canada?

This ColourPop.com buying guide will answer how to buy ColourPop in Canada and then go into detail about the best selling makeup from ColourPop.

ColourPop is known for their colourful and trendy makeup line that is mainly for eyes, lips and cheeks. They release new collections VERY rapidly and tend to keep up with seasonal colours.

If you want an affordable eyeshadow palette that is good quality, ColourPop has a great formula that is affordable and has an amazing colour selection.

ColourPop is also known for their unique “Super Shock” eyeshadow pots. Essentially these are applied with the fingers and boast a Pop of colour on the eyes that is usually very shimmery. ColourPop also does a lot of collaborations such as the latest Barbie x ColourPop Collection.

What is so good about ColourPop?

ColourPop is loved because they are a cheap and cheerful brand that has bold and bright colours which makes applying makeup fun! Think of ColourPop like your best friend – sharing makeup and trying out new things. They come out with new collections and palettes so often that people love to collect the makeup but it is also affordable so people can easily try the latest collection.

Why is ColourPop so cheap?

There are a few reasons why ColourPop is so cheap!

  1. Less Product – The packaging for ColourPop is very cute but just know that the eyeshadow palettes and Super Shock pots aren’t as filled up as other brands. For example, the Super Shock shadows come in a pot but it’s really a thin disc of product that you get. Another example is that the Lippie Stix are 1 gram vs. Mac Lipsticks at 3 grams. Having less product in the packaging allows for costs to be lower and usually it is hard to hit pan in an eyeshadow palette anyway! You are paying a lower price for a reasonable amount of product that most of us never use up.
  2. ColourPop is made in house – ColourPop is able to keep their costs down by producing all of their products in house. This means that they own the factory that makes all of the ColourPop products. This is the reason they can make new products really fast and go to market quickly with the latest and hottest colours. Since they are pumping out product fast, they don’t have a lot of time for testing but they can easily pivot and make changes really fast.
  3. NO RETURNSColourPop.com does NOT accept returns! You may think this is crazy but part of the reason why ColourPop is so cheap is because they do not absorb the cost to take the product back. ColourPop keeps their cost low so if you don’t like a product you’re stuck with it but it isn’t an expensive product so you just have to grin and bear it. If you’re an impulse shopper thinking that you can return an item, just don’t bother with ColourPop because you will be stuck with it.
  4. No Stores and No Overhead Fixed Costs – Since ColourPop is not available in stores, they don’t have to pay for rent or employee wages. This helps keeps overall costs down and therefore passing the savings onto you. ColourPop is also not available in other retail stores so they don’t have to pay for shelf space from others.

Where Can You Buy ColourPop in Canada?

The best place to buy ColourPop in Canada is through their website: ColourPop.com. All sales are final so be sure about your order before you buy. Canada is considered International Shipping and according to the policy, orders under $60 will result in a flat fee of $9.99 USD for shipping.

All prices on ColourPop.com are in USD as well so be sure to do the conversion before you buy because your order could up costing more than you think.

You also may be charged duties and taxes on your order which ColourPop.com is not responsible for so be aware of that before you buy.

I live in Canada and have done an order with ColourPop.com before and I have not had any issues with duties. It is very easy to order from ColourPop.com to Canada and not pay any taxes. I found that my package arrived within about 7 days of ordering and it was exactly what I thought I would get.

You can also buy ColourPop on Ulta.com but they also don’t have the latest products and still charge duties and taxes to Canadians.

Can you Buy ColourPop at Sephora?

NO. You cannot buy ColourPop at Sephora anymore. There were a few holiday collections back in 2018 that allowed you to buy ColourPop at Sephora but that was temporary.

The arrangement didn’t last and it is not true that you can buy ColourPop at Sephora. If you’re looking to understand how to buy ColourPop in Canada but can’t buy it at Sephora then you need to head over to ColourPop.com or Ulta.

You can only buy ColourPop at Ulta but they don’t always have the latest collections or collaborations. Ulta also charges shipping fees to Canada plus duties and is billed in American dollars.

Can you buy ColourPop at Walmart?

YES. You can buy ColourPop at Walmart but only on their website in both Canada and the U.S. The reason why you can buy ColourPop at Walmart is because their website allows a third party marketplace to list their products online.

Basically, if you are shopping on Walmart.com and want to add something from ColourPop to your order you can but the prices are VERY expensive.

This isn’t the best choice on where to shop for ColourPop on the website because they only offer a few products at a very expensive price point that isn’t even realistic. The reason why the prices are so high for ColourPop on Walmart is because they don’t hold inventory – they are merely a reseller and can charge a lot of money for in demand items.

Best Selling ColourPop Products

Now that you know where you can buy ColourPop.com in Canada, it’s time to start shopping! I have a lot of experience with ColourPop and have purchased a variety of items from them.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

The Super Shock Eyeshadows are one of the best products from ColourPop because they pack a bold punch of colour come in a variety of unique shades.

You can apply the Super Shock Eyeshadows with your fingers with literally one swipe and they last almost all day. There are limited editions and super sparkly Super Shock Eyeshadows but that just makes it even more fun to shop on ColourPop.com.

You can shop for the Super Shock Shadows in singles or doubles. The doubles are great because you can create an entire look with the two items or just wear them individually. As always, in pure ColourPop fashion they are packaged in themes as you can see from this screenshot:

Super shock shadow swatches how to buy ColourPop in canada

My favourite shades of the Super Shock Shadows are: Wattles, I Heart This, Flying Circus and Chirp. I tend to like more neutrals but the vivid colours are amazing.

Eyeshadow Palettes

ColourPop is known for their eyeshadow palettes. My experience with the quality of the ColourPop eyeshadow palettes is pretty positive, especially for an affordable palette! I was very impressed by how easy it was to blend and apply the shadow colours. For an inexpensive makeup company the quality is not cheap! I would say if you are thinking about ColourPop vs. ELF in terms of eyeshadow quality ColourPop definitely takes the cake!

One of the best ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes for Summer 2021 is the You’re Golden Eyeshadow Palette. This is an amazing neutral eyeshadow palette that has brilliant pops of blue hues to. Everyone is loving it because it is really easy to use and the blues are on trend for Summer 2021.

You’re golden palette ColourPop canada

Here are the swatches for the You’re Golden Eyeshadow Palette:

You’re golden swatches ColourPop canada

ColourPop Lippie Stix

If you’re looking for the best lipstick for Summer 2021 then you need to try the ColourPop Lippie Stix! They are more like a lip crayon and come in so many amazing shades. There are also matching lip sets with a Lippie Stix and lip liner duo.

The Lippie Stix are super affordable so if you are interested in a bold pop of colour but don’t want to invest too much then you can play around with the different shades and take a chance on something bright.

If you are looking for Taylor Swift lips, opt for a shade such as Verde Valley which is a light orangey red. If you’re feeling flirty try Fizzy Pop which is a bubblegum pink. You can always go nude with the shade Caramella which is super neutral and can be worn under a clear gloss.

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter

One of the best highlighters that you must have in your kit if you are a makeup artist is the Super Shock Highlighter. This is a very similar formula to the Super Shock Shadows but the shades are geared towards highlighter tones and the pans are bigger.

Best ColourPop Collaborations

The best ColourPop Collaborations that are available right now are: Malibu Barbie, Sailor Moon and Lizzie McGuire. Each of these ColourPop Collaborations have shades and packaging that match the theme of each collaboration. Some of these collabs are collector’s items so a lot of people don’t open them if they love the theme so much!
Have a look below to see what is included in each collab!

Malibu Barbie ColourPop Collaboration

Malibu Barbie ColourPop Collaboration makeup

Sailor Moon ColourPop Collaboration

Sailor moon ColourPop collaboration

Lizzie McGuire ColourPop Collaboration

Lizzie McGuire ColourPop collaboration

I hope you enjoyed this buying guide that outlined the how to buy ColourPop in Canada. If you have any questions about ColourPop shipping to Canadians then please feel free to leave me a note in the comments below.


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