Glossier Makeup Set + Beauty Bag 2021

Glossier makeup bag and set 2021

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Glossier Makeup Set + Beauty Bag 2021 is back on! Since Glossier only has a sale once a year for Black Friday, you’ll want to take advantage of this gift with purchase.

If you get the Makeup Set + Beauty Bag you’ll be getting:

You will get all of these items for $74! The value is worth $96 and you get the bag!

If you are from Canada, check out my buying guide on How To Buy Glossier in Canada. It will give you all of the information on shipping details and currency conversion to shop at Glossier.

You can buy the Beauty Bag separately but that is $34! The Beauty Bag is one of the best makeup bags because it is coated with a special type of cotton so you don’t have to worry about splashing water on it. It stands up so you can put it on your counter and do your whole makeup routine without it falling down or worry about it getting ruined.

Here is a mini review of each of the products included in the Glossier Makeup Set + Beauty Bag:

Lash Slick Mascara$20

One of the best mascaras I’ve used because it coats your lashes without clumping. Not the most volumizing but it definitely curled them upwards and gave me great length!

Boy Brow – $20

This is the holy grail of brow gels! The Boy Brow is all you need for no makeup makeup look brows. You don’t even need to fill them in because the gel is so pigmented that you will be able to get a whole look with just the one product. Boy Brow will give your lashes a thicker and full look so they will get feathered and fluffy.

Cloud Paint – $22

The best liquid cheek blush I have ever tried! I have the shade “Puff” and it is so pigmented that a little goes a long way! If you want the full review of the Glossier Cloud Paint let me know but any of the colours is going to give you a natural flushed look.

Makeup Bag – $34

I haven’t tried the Glossier Makeup bag but the reviews say that people have been waiting for this makeup bag to come back into stock since it is so versatile. It stands up and is coated with a cotton so that it doesn’t get dirty.

Hope you enjoyed this overview of the Glossier Makeup Set. If you were thinking about trying Glossier products for the first time or Glossier products for beginners you’ll want to to start with this makeup set!


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