Glossier Cloud Paint Review + Dupes

glossier cloud paint dupe

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Glossier Cloud Paint was the original liquid cream blush that started the no makeup makeup look. If you aren’t familiar, the Glossier Cloud Paint comes in a tube that you squeeze out onto your fingers and apply the liquid blush on your cheeks.

You don’t need a brush to apply Glossier Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color so it makes it very simple to apply and get a very off duty model look. Keep reading for the ultimate Glossier Cloud Paint Review + Dupes before you buy Glossier Cloud Paint.

What is so Good about Glossier Cloud Paint?

Glossier Cloud Paint comes in 8 shades ranging from darker to very subtle tones. These shades appear darker in the tube and blend out to a sheer and even colour on the skin.

Here are all of the Glossier Cloud Paint Shades: Haze, Beam, Dawn, Dusk, Storm, Puff, Spark , Eve (see above image).

Glossier Cloud Paint is one of the best liquid cream blushes because it gives you a very natural look. You can also use it on your eyes, lips and of course cheeks. The idea is to have a very flushed, natural looking face which is why the shades and swatches are so sheer.

This is a liquid cream blush which is different from a solid cream blush because it is thinner and takes a few layers to build up to a bold hue.

Depending on your skin tone either fair, medium or dark, there is no one cloud paint that is best. You can get an idea of how it will look on your skin tone based on the swatches and Cloud Paint Shades above.

Glossier Cloud Paint Review

I have the Cloud Paint in shade Puff and I have had it for so many years and it still hasn’t expired! Puff is close to a bubblegum pink shade but I don’t find it looks good on the eyes and dries out the lips.

To be honest, even though Glossier says that you can use the cloud paint everywhere, I find that it doesn’t really look good anywhere other than the cheeks.

Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

Cloud Paint does last most of the day but it definitely doesn’t last the full 8 hours unless you apply a few layers to make it more dramatic. It is supposed to look very natural like you just got flushed and are blushing at something!

The next shade I’m looking to acquire is spark which is a deep coral and seems to be the perfect neutral on the cheeks especially as fall 2021 makeup trends come around.

For a liquid blush, Glossier Cloud Paint is on the more expensive side at $18 USD or $22 CAD. There are other Glossier Cloud Paint dupes that you can find at the drugstore. Is Glossier Cloud Paint the best liquid blush? The answer is no – it can be beaten by something more affordable by another brand.

Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

Glossier did make liquid cream blush popular so Cloud Paint started the trend of the naturally flushed look. There are many other drugstore makeup brands that have copied this product.

There has been a lot of success by brands to create a Glossier Cloud Paint Dupe that is more affordable and in some ways even better the original one by Glossier.

Maybelline Cheek Heat

Where to buy: Ulta, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)

glossier cloud paint dupe

Most notable is the Maybelline Cheek Heat packaging looks exactly like the Glossier Cloud Paint! The Maybelline Cheek Heat comes in a squeezable tube that is considered a gel-cream blush. This means that due to the gel, it has a dewy finish and blends smoothly into the skin. The shades are similar to the Glossier Cloud Paint because they end up sheer and build darker depending on how many layers you apply.

You can find Maybelline Cheek Heat at Ulta for only $7.99 USD! This is a huge price difference than the Glossier Cloud Paint at $18 USD. I believe it is even cheaper at Target for only $5.99 USD so be sure to check it out!

The shades of the Maybelline Cheek Heat are also very similar to the Glossier Cloud Paint. Here are the shades and the exact matches side by side of the Maybelline Cheek Heat vs. Glossier Cloud Paint.

From left to right the shade names are: Berry Flame (dupe for Cloud Paint Eve), Coral Ember (dupe for Cloud Paint Beam), Fuchsia Spark (dupe for Cloud Paint Spark), Nude Burn (dupe for Cloud Paint Haze), Pink Scorch (dupe for Cloud Paint Puff) and Rose Flush (dupe for Cloud Paint Storm).

The Maybelline Cheek Heat is the best Glossier Cloud Paint dupe that you can find since the shades are so similar. The consistency of the Cheek Heat is more on the gel side than Glossier Cloud Paint but the payoff and overall off duty model look is exactly the same.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel

Where to buy: Target, Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)

glossier cloud paint dupe pixi sheer cheek gel

If you like Pixi Beauty then you may have come across a similar product to the Glossier Cloud Paint called the Sheer Cheek Gel. This is a product that is meant to be a dupe of the Glossier Cloud Paint but in this instance, the product is even MORE expensive than Cloud Paint so it makes sense to get the real thing.

The Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel is $20 USD or $24 CAD which makes it almost the same price as Glossier if not a touch more in the U.S.

The Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel is more of a gel but the premise is the same, a sheer application for a flushed glow.

This only comes in 4 shades but the idea is for it to be a cheek tint and not a full blush. Shades range from a dusty rose, warm coral and a very bold red hue.

There are other Glossier Cloud Paint dupes that can be found at the drugstore. Basically, any sheer, liquid blush that goes on sheer to start will be very similar to the Glossier Cloud Paint.

I hope you enjoyed this Glossier Cloud Paint Review + Dupes article on my daily beauty blog!


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