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I had to write about the Fenty Beauty Rihanna Christmas Sets 2019 because I am obsessed with the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb formula as well as their other products such as the Killawatt highlighted.

I picked up Fu$$y (or Fussy) Gloss Bomb in December and have been wearing it daily. If you’re looking for something not too sticky then you really need to try it.

I did an in depth makeup review of the Fenty Gloss Bomb which you can read here.

I’ll go into all of the Fenty Beauty Holiday 2019 releases below so keep scrolling!

Fenty Mini Gloss Bomb Set Holiday 2019

On October 11, Fenty Beauty is releasing a full on Mini Gloss Bomb Set including some new shades that you can’t yet get in a single!

Visit this link so you can ensure to get the Gloss Bomb Kit by signing up to get an email the second it becomes available.

The Gloss Bomb Kit is $52 which I think is really worth it for these glosses that should last you the entire 2020 year.

Gloss Bomb 2019 Fenty
Fenty Gloss Bomb Mini Set 2019

Here are the swatches according to Sephora and I’ll go into my review on each below.

Fenty Gloss Bomb Kit 2019 Swatches

In this review of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Christmas Set 2019, I’ll look at each of the swatches and give you my honest opinion about each one.

From left to right, here are the Gloss Bomb Shades:

Hot Chocolit – A deeper brown gloss shade but will still come out rather light on the lips since these glosses aren’t too pigmented.

Fu$$y (Fussy) – Is the next in line, I love this shade and obviously if you have read the makeup review above you’ll see that it’s my new go to shade.

Pretty Please – This is a hot pink gloss which I anticipate Rihanna will release the full version in Spring 2020 but for now you can only get the mini version in this kit.

Confetti – It looks like the Diamond Gloss Bomb but is the PERFECT topper on any and all lipstick. I think I would use this a lot especially if I just want a swipe of some sparkle and shine!

Cheeky – This is the other colour I’m obsessed with because I LOVE coloured lip balms. This is a tangerine colour which is extremely bold for Winter but I think if you’re wearing darker colours, this shade can bring your outfit out of the winter dumps for this one.

Here is another photo from TrendMood who went to the Sephoria Holiday 2019 event and was able to do some amazing swatches for us.

Again, bookmark or shop this link (if it is past October 10) to get the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Mini Set!

Fenty Gloss Bomb Swatches Holiday 2019
Fenty Gloss Bomb Swatches Holiday 2019

Promise me you’ll go back and read my full review on the Fenty Gloss Bomb Fu$$y that i love so much. The formula is amazing and the big doe foot applicator that you use to apply the gloss makes it so that you don’t even need to use a mirror to apply.

Bomb Baby 2 Mini Kit

If you’re loving the Gloss Bomb but don’t want to invest in too many colours you may want to check out Fenty’s new mini kit called: Bomb Baby 2.

This kit comes with a NEW Gloss Bomb called $weet Mouth and a highlighter called Sand Castle. Typically, the original Bomb Baby kit featured an older highlighter and the Universal Gloss Bomb but I don’t think you can get this one in $weet Mouth anywhere but the Gloss Bomb set.

Click here to shop the Bomb Baby 2 Gift Set by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Stunna Lip Paint in Underdawg

If you love more of a dramatic lip that lasts all day then you’ll want to check out Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint. For Christmas 2019, Fenty has released a new colour called: Underdawg. As you can see from the photo this is a burnt red that is perfect for any Holiday party!

Fenty Beauty Lip Stunna underdawg
Fenty Beauty Lip Stunna in Underdawg

Click here to shop the Fenty Beauty Lip Stunna in Underdawg.

Fenty Beauty Body Lava

Body Lava
Body Lava

Apparently, Body Lava only makes its return during Christmas time. Now for Christmas 2019, Body Lava has come back from Fenty Beauty! This time it is in a rose gold shade and it is small enough to travel.

Body Lava is meant for your overall shoulders, back and chest area to give you a healthy glow without having to get a tan.

This is a limited edition from Fenty Beauty and can only be found on Sephora Canada so click this link to shop!

Shop the Fenty Beauty Body Lava Limited Time Only!

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