Fashion Fair is BACK and at Sephora!


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If you were wondering what happened to the Black Owned Cosmetics Company Fashion Fair? Well I am happy to say they have made a major comeback and is now being sold at Sephora and on their website, there is no other place to buy Fashion Fair.

Specifically designed for deeper skin tones, Fashion Fair has been around for 56 years but has just rebranded and undergone a major change to become modern in 2021. This is an upper scale makeup brand started by Eunice Johnson which was originally sold in high end department stores such as Neiman Marcus.

With the reformulation, all Fashion Fair products are vegan. This is huge because there aren’t many black owned cosmetics companies that actually specify that their products are 100% vegan! All of the newest Fashion Fair products are now in sleek modern packaging and rival any of the prestige cosmetic brands such as Ilia, Merit and other vegan cosmetic brands.

Today, Fashion Fair is now being sold at Sephora – one of the biggest cosmetics websites in the world.

Sephora is carrying the following from Fashion Fair: lipstick, powder skin foundation, pressed powder, stick foundation and a face primer. If you’re looking for the extensive collection from Fashion Fair, you’ll have to shop on their website.

I am so excited to celebrate deeper skin tones and black brands! I hope you’ll join me in reviewing the new Fashion Fair Cosmetics line as it comes to Sephora.

Best Fashion Fair Products at Sephora

Crème to Powder Skin Foundation – $48 CAD

The Crème to Powder Skin Foundation is one of the best cream to powder foundations because it isn’t greasy and looks like natural skin. This is one of the best formulas because the reviews on Sephora say that it looks very smooth and fresh – not cakey which is very important when you consider cream foundation.

Iconic Lipstick – $33 CAD

Fashion Fair Iconic Lipstick in Chocolate Raspberry

The Iconic Lipstick from Fashion Fair is a staple for the brand. The shades are vibrant and full of colour and life. It’s honestly probably one of the smoothest lipsticks you’ll ever try. It has been reformulated from the original Fashion Fair formula but the reviews on this are amazing. The colours are geared toward women of colour and have beautiful pigments and lush tones.

SkinFlex Stick Foundation – $48 CAD

The SkinFlex Stick Foundation by Fashion Fair is a new product from the brand. It’s a creamy foundation stick that dries lightweight and demi matte. You still get a hint of shine and glow because it isn’t completely matte. But if you’re looking for a cream foundation that is dark enough for your skin tone this is the best cream foundation for dark skin.

Iconic Pressed Setting Powder – $44 CAD

This setting powder by Fashion Fair is already almost sold out at Sephora and the line dropped yesterday. People love this Fashion Fair Setting Powder because it not only sets your makeup but absorbs oil as well. It is a medium coverage so this isn’t your sheer setting powder, this will really do the trick and make you less shiny. This pressed powder will be similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Airbrush Powder but of course, in darker shades.

Set It Loose Setting Powder – $44 CAD

First, I have to say that this loose setting powder is already sold out on Sephora so make sure you click on the link to put yourself on the email list for when it comes back in stock. This setting powder is a loose setting powder and is just as good as the Laura Mercier loose setting powder. It’s ultra light, loose and doesn’t settle into fine lines. This isn’t your typical thick loose powder that will make you look powdery. The Set It Loose Setting Powder comes in a smaller skin tone range but if you have very deep and dark skin this is a great product for helping you set your makeup in place.

Fabulous Face Priming Serum – $48 CAD

The Fabulous Face Priming Serum is more than just a primer. Since it’s a serum, there are active ingredients in there as a catch all for your skin. It helps to brighten, firm and ensure your makeup application is flawless. If you’re worried about uneven skin tone, you should opt to wear this serum under your makeup.

Since Fashion Fair is back at Sephora, I suggest you stock up now because it seems like a lot of the Fashion Fair products at Sephora are selling out very quickly!

That’s all from me, hope you enjoyed this Fashion Fair Review!


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