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If you haven’t heard of Seint Makeup then you need to read this Seint Makeup Review. The brand Seint used to be called Maskcara and was started by a woman named Cara from Utah. The idea behind Seint Makeup is called: HAC or Highlight and Contour.

The idea is to use cream products in one layer all over your face for an quick look that allows you to blend out for a full face of makeup.

The design behind Seint Makeup is to make it look like you spent hours on your makeup but really you apply the contour, highlighter and cream blush all in one shot and use a brush to blend it all out.

The idea is to not have so many layers so your makeup doesn’t look cakey at the end of the day. Even if you think you can’t blend it out apparently it is easy to blend out in one layer. You do not need to be an expert contour or makeup artist to get a perfect blend.

All of the products are cream and you are encouraged to use your fingers which does not take too much time. There are very specific placements that you have to apply Seint Makeup for the best outcome. The ideal way to contour and highlight your face using Seint Makeup requires you to place the product accurately according to this photo:

The brown shades are where you should place your contour, yellow highlight or concealer foundation shades, pink is blush and white is illuminator. With highlighting and Seint makeup, it really has to do with where you place your concealer and shouldn’t be confused with the illuminator which is the highlighter at the end.

You essentially build your own makeup palette using the different foundation, contour, highlight and blush shades.

How do I choose the right shades from Seint Makeup?

The best way to choose the right shades from Seint Makeup to build your palette is to start with the Colour Match Quiz. Then you can use the palette builder in order to build your perfect palette of highlight, contour, blush, lip and cheek and eyeshadow shades. Essentially you will have a full palette of a full face of makeup and you won’t need to carry around any other makeup with you.

Here is an example of the palette I build with highlight and contour shades as well as lip and cheek shades:

Seint Example Contour Palette

If you build a palette with these shades, that fits 18 tins or 36 eyeshadows it will end up costing you about $500 but you get the palette for free. The issue with Seint Makeup is that it takes a lot of money to start and build up your palette.

This Seint palette has two layers, one with eyeshadow on the bottom layer and contour shades on the top. This is what I mean by you’ll never have to buy another eyeshadow palette again.

I built this smaller 4 tin palette using just the highlight, contour lip and cheek and illuminator which is really all you need for a full face but it will still cost you about $100. However, for a full face of makeup all of those products would likely cost you more than $100 unless you went to the drugstore.

There are no discounts on Seint makeup and if you choose to build a palette you can get the tin for free if you qualify for a certain spend level. All of the products range from about $20 a piece for the face products. Eyeshadows range from $17 a piece so even if you build the palette you’re still paying for each individual shadow which can really add up.

Do you need to buy the Brush to Use Seint Makeup?

It does help if you buy the official Seint Makeup brush to blend in all of the shades together. The IIID (3D) brush is really all you need to blend out a full face of Seint Makeup.

Seint Makeup IIID Brush

This brush is the only brush you need for the full face of Seint makeup if you want to get the best result. You need to store this brush laying down and take care not to use it with other products. In fact, if you don’t buy the brush then you may not see the true effect of Seint makeup.

Here are some other tips and tricks for Seint Makeup:

  • Always make sure you apply to dry skin and that your moisturizer is dry
  • Make sure you warm the Seint Makeup up with your fingers so that it blends properly. You can also use a brush to warm up the tin if it is too cold.
  • Don’t use a silicone face primer or the Milk Hydro Grip Primer because those stick to the makeup too much and make it harder to blend.
  • Only an artist can help you colour match but you can still order Seint Makeup directly from the website if you don’t have an artist you want to support
  • The Lip + Cheek is better on cheek than the lip so make sure you use a lip balm before you apply the cheek product to your lips

Where is Seint Makeup made?

Seint Makeup is made in China. It used to be made in the United States but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately it is a fact that the makeup used to be made in the U.S. but since the explosion of popularity it was cheaper to manufacture it in China.

What is the Seint Artist Program?

The Seint Artist Program is like an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing. Yes, Seint Makeup is an MLM and don’t let the “artists” fool you into thinking it is not. Seint Makeup is getting huge on TikTok with all of these desperate mothers showing you how fast and easy it is to apply the makeup. They all say that they are moms who are on a schedule and need to do their full face of makeup fast.

As an artist, the more parties you host and palettes you sell the more discount and credits you earn to get money off of free Seint products. It truly is a very similar program to Arbonne. Essentially, those hosting parties are selling makeup to their friends and family and making money off them.

Don’t believe the Tik Tok artists that say this isn’t an MLM because it certainly is. This doesn’t mean that Seint Makeup is bad or doesn’t work just know that people are pushing the products on you and the artists may not be as genuine as it seems.

Is Seint Makeup Considered Clean Beauty?

Seint Makeup is not considered clean makeup but do use pretty good quality of ingredients. They are paraben free, cruelty free and gluten free.

Is Seint Makeup Good?

Seint Value is kind of good value for the money if you consider how much it would cost you to buy a foundation, contour, blush and illuminator separately. At Sephora it would definitely cost you more than $100 to start a full face of makeup from scratch. If you buy the 4 tins of Seint Makeup and the IIID palette, you essentially get a full face of makeup for about $100 CAD.

Seint Makeup is pretty good value for the money but you have to be wiling to learn how to contour and highlight the key points of your face which can take some time.

Seint Makeup is easy to blend out but it is recommended that you use the IIID brush for easy blending.

I honestly do not know why Seint Makeup has gone viral on TikTok but people really seem to love it and think that it is easy to blend out with one layer of makeup on your face.

Can you Get a Full Refund at Seint Makeup?

Yes you can get a refund of Seint Makeup within 30 days and the product is lightly used. If you use the product and don’t love it so much you can get a full refund. All you have to do is fill out a form and start your return to Seint Makeup. You can also exchange colours if you find that one doesn’t suit you.

In short, Seint Makeup is a good buy if you’re looking to change your makeup routine from scratch. Seint Makeup is also great on mature skin so if you have textured skin or wrinkles Seint Makeup is an excellent choice.

Give Seint Makeup a chance you may be pleasantly surprised what you find.


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