Equilibrium Skincare by Hourglass

Equilibrium skincare hourglass

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Hourglass quietly entered the world of skincare with their new line “Equilibrium Skincare”.

There are 5 key products in the Equilibrium Skincare line.

The Equilibrium skincare line is all about “rebalancing” your skin’s natural barrier. They have a staple cell balancing complex which is said to balance skin at the cellular level.

The products are your staple products that you should have in any skincare routine.

Here are the Hourglass Skincare products:

  • Rebalancing Cream Cleanser
  • Restoring Essence
  • Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm
  • Day Fluid Sunscreen SPF 30 (Ships End of Spring 2021)
  • Biomimetric Skin Active Serum (Ships End of Spring 2021)

The packaging of the Equilibrium Skincare products are very sleek, they definitely scream luxury but so does the price.

The Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm is $125 which is pretty expensive to pay for an eye cream. There are plenty of other skincare brands that make amazing eye creams for a fraction of the price.

There is also mini kit that retails for $26 CA (sold out at the moment) which is their discovery kit and will allow you to try the cleanser, essence and eye balm.

Equilibrium Cleanser

Equilibrium Essence

Equilibrium Hydrating Eye Balm

Equilibrium Sunscreen

Equilibrium Serum

My original thoughts on the Equilibrium Skincare line by Hourglass is that this is probably just over priced luxury skincare that won’t perform as well at the packaging looks.

You can skip this one for sure!


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