EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush Review and Dupes


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If you’re looking for the perfect cream there are so many brands that have come out with a cream stick blush including: Nudestix, Makeup by Mario, Anastasia Beverly Hills and more luxury brands. The EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush is also among one of the best cream blushes in stick form.

You may have guessed why this is called the So Soft Blush because it is so creamy, soft and easy to blend. This is a perfect blush for beginners because it is also very easy to apply and the formula is pretty simple.

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush

You can only buy the So Soft Blush at EM Cosmetics – you cannot get it anywhere else!

It is infused with Squalane and Vitamin E to provide a rich nourishment to the skin having it appear supple and healthy.

The finish is a satin finish called a “Satin Cloud Complex” which was created by Michelle Phan. The Satin Cloud Complex is air whipped and has a mousse like texture. This is pretty true when it comes to the So Soft Blush Stick but I don’t really see how this ends up being mousse like because it is a solid stick of blush.

I do like the fact that is not too dewy or matte and it pretty much lives in the middle because although I love a dewy finish, I don’t always want to be glistening as hard as that may be to believe!

I purchased the So Soft Blush in the shade “Baby. There are only 6 shades of the So Soft Blush but they work on any skin tone. Here are the swatches of the So Soft Blushes:

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush Swatches
Swatches of So Soft Blush on Different Skin Tones

As you can see the tones are very muted and remind us of earthy and skin like tones of the So Soft Blush.

The So Soft blush shades are:

  • Baby – pale pink
  • Lychee – warm melon
  • Pearl Tea – brownish nude
  • Venetian Rose – vintage rose
  • Passion – vibrant orange red
  • Bitten – rich berry

I love the shade “Baby” because is is perfect for Spring 2022 because it contains a hint of pink but come off too much like bubblegum. It’s like a coral pink but definitely looks like something a 4 year old would like and that’s what I love about this shade.

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush in “Baby

Keep reading to find out how to apply the So Soft Blush and even another dupe I found!

Application of the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush for Best Results

According to the website, the best way to apply the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush is to apply it directly to your cheeks. Then use your finger tips, brush or a beauty sponge to blend.

There are also more tips on the EM Cosmetics website So Soft Blush product page in order show you how it is meant to be applied to the skin:

  • Set with translucent powder for a satin finish
  • Apply a powder blush of your choice to intensify your look
  • For a youthful flush, apply to the inner cheeks and blend outwards
  • For a naturally lifted look, apply to the tops of your cheekbones and blend up.
  • For a sunkissed look, apply onto the bridge of your nose
  • Mix and match any colors to create your own blush shades

The way I apply the So Soft blush is to apply it directly onto my cheekbones and blended out with a brush or my finger tips. I found that a sponge would drag the product down too much so I didn’t choose that technique.

Here you can see two models with different skin tone that shows how the So Soft Blush should look like when it is blended out:

So Soft Blush by EM Cosmetics
So Soft Blush by EM Cosmetics

Packaging of the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush

Is the packaging of the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush good? Yes it is pretty good but unlike the Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush and the Nudestix Nudies, there is no brush on the opposite end. I don’t really mind that because I tend not to use the brush on the end of the Nudestix and Makeup by Mario cream blushes but it would be nice to have the option if you are travelling.

Dupes of the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush

You’ve heard me mention above that the Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick and the Nudestix Nudies are both direct dupes of the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush. The main differences are the finishes because the Makeup by Mario is a bit more shiney and dewy. The Nudestix Nudies has more of a matte finish and has more a subtle look. If you want to know the difference between the Nudestix Nudies vs. Nudestix Nudes in Bloom the main difference is the matte vs. Dewy pay off.

Here are some other dupes of the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush:

Overall, the EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush is similar to other cream blushes but I do like it for the Spring months. It’s airy because it is whipped and feels really soft going onto the skin and is easy to blend out.

Again, if you’re a beginner with cream blush, this is one of the best products to start out with.


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