This website is dedicated to honest makeup and skincare reviews. As a Canadian Blogger, I love reviewing beauty from a Canadian perspective! I am not a makeup artist but I respect them to the fullest degree.  I just love buying makeup and knowing which new products are the best of the best.

I appreciate and welcome honest feedback, criticism and comments.  However, if I feel I am being attacked or I come across a comment that is negative for no reason, I will either delete the comment or remain silent based on my judgement.

All of the posts are written by me, Elyssa.  All of the opinions are my own and represented in the post.  If the post is part of an Affiliate program I belong to, I will tag the post as “Affiliate”.  I may receive small commission for the post but it will not sway my opinion of the product.

If you take the action of clicking a link or a banner ad, I may make a small commission based on the specific action you take.  The purpose of this website is to express my love of beauty products and many of my favourite brands do offer small incentives.

Occasionally, some of the images on BeautyReviews.ca may be taken from the Internet BUT I have been really diligent in taking my own photos.

As mentioned above, all reviews are my own but I won’t necessarily give a product a good review if a brand happens to offer it to me.  Part of my mantra is #lookgoodfeelgood but it’s also about HONESTY.  I love makeup and new products so I’ve taken it upon myself to buy products I like.  BUT if I feel they are not worth the time or money I’ll let you know.

I’m here to bring you some great products and have a little fun! So come on this journey with me 🙂