Charlotte Tilbury Nudegasm Face Palette Reviews and Swatches

charlotte tilbury nudegasm palette

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Charlotte Tilbury has launched a contour version of their face palette called: Nudegasm. This is a bronze version of the Glowgasm palette that was all about highlighters and glowy blushes.

The Nudegasm Palette is very similar to the Glowgasm Palette so if you want a bronzy and glowy face palette you should buy the Nudegasm palette.

The Nudegasm Palette features 2 highlighters (Super Glow & Multi Glow) and 2 sculpting shades (Super Sculpt for intense contour and Soft Sculpt to even out the harsh lines). This palette is more suitable for lighter skin tones because the contour and bronzer shades are a bit light and may not come across the same way.

The two sculpting shades do look really similar when swatched but if you use the more intense colour and allow yourself to work it through it should give you a really nice dimension and warmth.

You can see how the Nudegasm palette looks from the swatches:

Swatches of the Nudegasm Face Palette by Charlotte Tilbury
Swatches of the Nudegasm Face Palette by Charlotte Tilbury

This is going to be priced at $75 USD and in Canada the price is $95 CAD. The Nudegasm Palette and the rest of the Super Nudes Collection launches August 19, 2021. This collection includes: two Super Nudes Lipsticks, 3 Bigger Lightener Looking Super Model Eyes pencils and new packaging of the Super Nudes Easy Eyes Palette. If you want to see more swatches of the Nudegasm Face Palette keep scrolling below!

Below are the swatches of the new Nudegasm Face Palette from Charlotte Tilbury:

Charlotte tilbury Nudegasm face palette
Charlotte Tilbury Nudegasm Palette Swatches and Packaging
Charlotte Tilbury Nudegasm Palette New Release Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Nudegasm Reviews

The Charlotte Tilbury Nudegasm reviews on Sephora *(click to read them all) are quite good. The Nudegasm Palette has gotten rave reviews but mostly from people who have lighter skin. They say that the formula of all of the shades glides on smoothly. The contour shade is really good for fair skin.

Others say that the Nudegasm Palette is something they didn’t realize they were missing. The formula of the powders are so blendable and makes their look so glowy and luminous at the end of the day.

Another review says that even though it is expensive, you’ll get so addicted to using it you won’t want to stop and you’ll get your money’s worth.

The reviewers say that the contour isn’t muddy or patchy and that the formula glides on really easily so you’re not working too hard to contour your face.

Overall, at 4.5 out of 5 stars you’re looking at a very solid product even though it is expensive.

Is the Nudegasm Palette Deep Enough for Dark Skin Tones?

The Charlotte Tilbury Nudegasm Palette is good for light to olive skin tones and complexions. I would say this palette is not the best for darker skin tones based on the reviews I have been reading. The idea behind this palette is to get a smooth lustrous glow that is barely noticeable. This is why it is better for lighter skin tones.

Is the Nudegasm Palette by Charlotte Tilbury Worth It?

The Nudegasm Palette is worth it if you want to try out many products from Charlotte Tilbury for the face but don’t want to spend money on them individually. If you love to contour the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette is expensive at $80. For an extra $15 for the Nudegasm Palette you’re getting a contour, bronzer, highlighter and blush.

The Nudegasm Palette is a limited edition so I would think if you want it now is the time to get it because it will be discontinued like the Glowgasm palette and it will be too late to purchase it ever again.

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Charlotte Tilbury is launching their Christmas 2021 collection on September 15, 2021 so be sure to watch this space for more products from Charlotte Tilbury.


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