Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar and Christmas 2021 Set


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The Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2021 and Christmas 2021 (see below) sets have been revealed! Charlotte Tilbury makes the best advent calendars for Christmas and you won’t want to miss this one for 2021. They also have one of a kind gift sets that only come around during the end of the year so if you want them you have to stock up to save.

The Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar is now available for purchase and it is a limited edition so once it sells out there is no restocking!

The Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendars can get pricey but they always put full sized products in the Advent Calendar so it makes it worth the price. Don’t forget that Charlotte Tilbury has very good quality and most of her products work on multiple skin tones.

All of the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendars are very luxurious and make you feel like you are opening up a treasure chest. They make great gifts for beginners because they contain staple makeup and skincare products to get you started.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2021

Now that the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar has launched, I can tell you everything that is included in it. Charlotte Tilbury refers to it as: “Beauty Dreams and Secrets” contains 12 products both full size and mini. There are two drops of the Advent Calendar and the first one happens by September 18 so make sure you shop NOW.

Here is what is included in the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2021:

3 full size, and 9 travel sized beauty secrets PLUS ICONIC Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight, NEW! Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Pillow Talk and beautifying, suits-all Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk Medium!

If you look at the photo you know that you get a magic cream, a magic serum, the Airbrush Setting Spray and more skincare products.

Charlotte Tilbury Christmas 2021 Gift Sets

The gift sets for Charlotte Tilbury Christmas 2021 haven’t launched on the website yet but I have the whole scoop on what is coming out for Christmas 2021.

There are going to be about 13 Charlotte Tilbury Christmas 2021 gift sets that will launch in October. Here is a sneak peak into the Charlotte Tilbury Christmas 2021 Gift Set Collection:

Pillow Talk Beautifying Eye Filter – Includes Pillow Talk Mascara and an eyeliner (2 pieces) 34.00 CAD ($55 Value)

  • Magic Serum Secrets – Magic Lip Oil and Magic Serum (2 pieces) –

Pillow Talk Magic Kisses – Includes Magic Lip Oil and Pillow Talk Lip Liner (2 pieces) – $45 CAD ($62 Value)

Magic Serum Secrets – Full Size Lip Oil and Mini Size Magic Serum – $75 CAD ($85 Value)

Iconic Mini Lip Wardrobe – Includes 4 mini lipsticks in popular shades including Pillow Talk (4 pieces) – $50 CAD ($66 Value)

Magic Icons – Magic Cream, Collagen Lip Bath and Something Else (3 pieces)

Easy Smokey Eyes to Hypnotize – Two Eyes to Hypnotize Eyeshadow Sticks (2 pieces) – $37 CAD ($64 Value)

Pillow Talk Dreams Come True Kit – All Pillow Talk Products with a Gold Gift Box – $450 ($638 Value)

Charlotte’s 3 Magic Steps – Magic Cream Light, Magic Serum and Magic Cream (3 pieces) – $150 CAD ($190 Value)

Charlotte’s Hollywood Look – Eyes to Hypnotize, magic cream, eyeshadow quad, skincare, mascara and a Hollywood Light Wand (7 pieces)

Pillow Talk Push Up and Recovery Eye Kit – Cryo Recovery Eye Cream and Pillow Talk Mascara

Walk of No Shame on the Go – (4 pieces)

Pillow Talk on the Go – Mini Pillow Talk Lip Kit featuring the lip liner and Pillow Talk Lipstick – $60 CAD ($84 Value)

Charlotte’s Magic Mini Brush Set – $75 CAD

There are also more Charlotte Tilbury Gift Sets that have already launched and are live on

Pillow Talk Lip Secrets – $65 CAD

New Eyeshadow Palette – Luxury Palette of Pearls – $70

Pillow Talk Eye and Blush Duo – $92.80 CAD (Save 20%)

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2020

For 2020, the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar came in a Bejewelled Chest of Beauty Treasures or mini drawers. I can predict that the Advent Calendar for 2021 will be a similar structure. There were are mix of 12 full sized and mini products of both makeup and skincare items. 2020 seemed to have a heavy skew to Charlotte Tilbury skincare however so if you aren’t a fan of her skincare you may not want the Advent Calendar for 2021.

If you read this post, you’ll see that the Charlotte Tilbury skincare items are going viral on TikTok.

You can get an idea of what the 2020 Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar contained from this image:

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2020

To give you an idea of what was included in the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calnedar 2020 here is what was included:

  • Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight (Full Size)
  • Supermodel Body (Mini)
  • Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara (Mini)
  • Matte Revolution Lipstick – Pillow Talk (Full Size)
  • Rock ‘N’ Kohl Barbarella Brown (Mini)
  • Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir (Mini)
  • Charlotte’s Magic Cream (Mini)
  • Wonderglow (Mini)
  • Colour Chameleon Copper Lights (Full Size)
  • Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (Mini)
  • Goddess Skin Clay Mask (Mini)
  • Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray (Mini)

The price was 150 Pounds so translated into USD it ends up being about $210. Don’t forget to sign up for the email newsletter for 10% off.

Analyzing the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2020, I would say that this contained too many travel sized products and had a skew towards skincare. Again, if you want to try the Magic Cream and Crystal Elixir Serum then you’ll love this Advent Calendar.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2019

The Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar in 2019 was very similar to the one in 2020. The main difference was that it contained an Eyes to Mesmerize and Super Star Lips full sized products. Otherwise, all of the skincare items were the same in 2019 as in the advent calendar for 2020.

Here is what is included in the Charlotte Tilbury 2019 Advent Calendar:

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2019
  • Multi Miracle Glow (Mini)
  • Charlotte’s Magic Cream (Mini)
  • Goddess Skin Clay Mask (Mini)
  • Legendary Lashes Mascara (Mini)
  • Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil (Full Size)
  • Eyes to Mesmerize (Full Size)
  • Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk (Full Size)
  • Take it All Off (Mini)
  • Rock ‘N’ Kohl (Mini)
  • Wonderglow (Mini)

This Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2019 is the same price as the Advent Calendar in 2020 which is 150 Pounds that works out to be about $210 USD.

Overall, there is still a heavy skew in the Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar toward skincare. If you have bought these advent calendars in 2019 or 2020 you may want to skip 2021.


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