Review: Cargo Cosmetics Blush

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Cargo Cosmetics Blush Review

Cargo Cosmetics Blush from Cargo Cosmetics was one of my first blush products ever.  Back 15 years ago or so, it came in a silver tin and upon opening, the most beautiful colour could be seen. Before we go onto the review, please check out this cargo coupon code below because you may want to purchase part of the Cargo Cosmetics line:

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There are three blushes by Cargo Cosmetics that I’ll go through because they are special in their own way.

Cargo Cosmetics Blush Review

1. Cargo Original Blush

The original cargo blush that comes in the silver tin (yesssss), are the best for a more natural look.  They blend evenly onto the skin after a fresh application of foundation.

Colours range from a deep orange called “Laguna – Tropical Melon” which is the warmest it gets, to a “Catalina – Cotton Candy Pink” that works well with cool tones.

Cargo Cosmetics also makes it easy for you to order your blush on a replenish system.  Simply select when you think you’ll run out and they will automatically order it for you! Easy right?

Again, if you’re looking for a day time blush that’s easy to apply – choose the Cargo Original Blush. It’s only $26 and remember: Receive 20% off site wide, plus free shipping on all orders at Cargo Cosmetics! Use code: CARGO20. Valid 1/9 – 1/31

Cargo Blush Review
Cargo Cosmetics Blush in Catalina

2. Swimmables Water Resistant Blush – A trademark of Cargo Cosmetics, the Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush is one of a kind.  As the name would suggest, you can wear this blush in extreme heat or even in the water! It’s paraben free but has a silicon base which helps with long wear.

Even though this blush only comes in 3 colours, they are very neutral and wearable. If you’re going to the beach or on a vacation, this is the only blush you’ll need!
I’ve actually tried it during the summer and since sweat is water, this blush latest the ENTIRE day and I was sweating quite a lot!

Cargo Swimmables Blush Review
Water Resistant Blush – ‘Los Cabos’

3. BEACHBLUSH – Ok I lied – if you’re going to the beach you may want to consider the BEACHBLUSH (but only if you’re not going in the water). This blush is mix of four rows that range from bronzy to blush tones.  It’s perfect for that sun kissed glow if you’re lounging poolside or just want to fake a glow.

Cargo blush review

Why Shop Cargo?

All Cargo Cosmetic blushes are paraben free which are preservatives that a lot of companies use to maintain the product.  Some parabens can be harmful to humans so Cargo Cosmetics are very aware of that fact.

Hope you enjoyed this Cargo Blush Review and you all know which one of the three Cargo blushes you’ll select (if not all of them!).  Don’t forget to use the coupon and check for more great deals on your favourite brands.



P.S. Images used in this post are directly from the Cargo Cosmetics Site

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