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Bright Eyeliner Trends 2018

I’m always a fan of having one thing different about me when I walk out the door.  Whether it be a unique hair tie, necklace or lipstick du jour – I need that one thing.  Spring 2018 is bringing back the trends and it’s all about wearing bright eyeliner.

I’m going to focus on three brands that are doing bright eyeliner well: Dior, NYX and Makeup Forever.

Dior Makeup

Dior Bright Eyeliner Fall 2018 Makeup

For Spring 2018, Dior Makeup was all about pretty pinks and purples as one would expect.

However, an unexpected pop of colour is making its way to to the runway for Dior Fall 2018: Matte, bright hues rule the top and bottom lashes of the models. Colours are led by bold yellow, burgundy and bubblegum pinks.

Diorshow Collection Bright Eyeliners

Even though we are far away from Fall Diorshow bright eyeliners we can still be ahead of the trends for Spring 2018 makeup!

NYX Professional Makeup

NYX is always ahead of the game and has the most selection of vivid bright eyeliners than I’ve seen from any brand out there.  One of their products “Vivid Brights” has some amazing colours.

However, but when applied – crack and don’t form a full strap.

In that case, I will direct you to their Retractable Eyeliner . These liners glide on effortlessly which are much easier to apply than Vivid Brights. NYX Retractable Eyeliner

You can see from the swatches below that there are some amazing rich yellow and teal hues.   Also, don’t forget that white eyeliner will give you a ‘mod’look and brighten eyes.

Makeup Forever

If I had to pick an ultimate favorite bright eyeliner for summer 2018 it would be this line of bright eyeliners fromBright Eyeliner Trend 2018 Makeup Forever.  I can do a review on the Makeup Forever Aqua XL because I am a big fan.  It glides on so tightly against the water line and stays all day.  It really is waterproof which does make it hard to take off my makeup but it’s totally worth it.  Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eyeliner Matte Pastel Purple

Here are some of the other swatches from the Makeup Forever Aqua XL bright eyeliners that you can pick up from anywhere they sell makeup forever.

Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eyeliner Swatches

I hope you love the bright eyeliner trend as much as I do.  It’s going to be my staple look for spring 2018!


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