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Vichy is known for its products that help treat acne.

The BEST Vichy products for Acne are right at your fingertips! Keep reading to find out why the best acne products are from Vichy!

I love Vichy! I’ve been using the Normaderm line for a few months now and I’m really surprised with the results.

Keep reading for Vichy skin care reviews to see if the best Vichy Products for Acne can help you have glowing skin once again :).

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Top Vichy Products For Acne: Normaderm

First, we’ll talk about Vichy skincare before we dive into Vichy foundation.

If your skin isn’t healthy then your foundation will also not look right.

The best vichy products for acne is their “Normaderm” line.

You may be wondering: “Why is Vichy Normaderm good for acne?”

Vichy Normaderm is great for acne because it contains gentle yet effective ingredients.

Let me elaborate.

Normaderm ingredients help fight acne but also ensure that your skin is protected through hydration.

Normaderm is 100% hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic which are ingredients you want if you have acne.

The Normaderm line is actually best for sensitive skin!

If you are unsure what your skin type is be sure to check out my skin type quiz here!

How Do I use the Vichy Normaderm Line?

The Normaderm line is a 3 step process.


Only 3 steps which is amazing because if you look to Korean or Japanese skin care you are getting into steps of up to 10 different products!

There are other products which we will continue to explore below but you really only need 3 products to get started.

  1. Cleanse – You’ll want to cleanse away the dirt and oil before you can treat your acne with the Vichy Normaderm line! The Normaderm Cleanser helps to purify skin and promises not to be over drying.
  2. Boost – Repair the barrier of your skin with Mineral 89. We’ll talk more about Mineral 89 in the paragraphs below so keep reading why this is a MUST-HAVE product!
  3. Treat – After you have cleansed and boost you’ll need to actually treat the acne so that it goes away.

The three step process shows that Normaderm is the best system to treat acne!

If you want the full system you can find it on Vichy’s website that contains all three steps for anti-acne and oily skin.

It’s the best deal to buy the set because it is a $50 value for only $29.99 on the Vichy website. If you know someone who is looking for a Christmas gift who wants skincare and has oily skin this would make for a perfect gift!

Vichy Normaderm Gift Set

Click here to shop and learn more about Normaderm by Vichy.

What are the best Cleansers for Acne Prone Skin?

Any Normaderm cleanser will be good for acne prone skin from Vichy.

The top recommended cleanser from Vichy is the Normaderm Anti-Acne Purifying Gel Cleanser.

vichy acne prone cleanser best
Vichy Normaderm Anti-Acne Gel Cleanser

Because this product is a Gel, this is an oil-free cleanser.

It is also soap free and doesn’t strip skin of natural oils. This is very important if you have acne.

The cleanser will target acne but also reinforce your skin’s barrier so that you don’t strip your face of natural oils.

Click here to shop all Vichy Normaderm products.

What is Vichy Mineral 89?

Mineral 89 is fortifying and a daily hydration skin booster. It contains hyaluronic acid which is an agent that helps keep moisture inside the skin.

The Vichy Mineral 89 has gotten some amazing reviews and is considered an acid serum.

vichy mineral 89 review
Vichy Mineral 89 Booster

If you are wondering if you can use Vichy Mineral 89 everyday the answer is: YES!

You can use the Mineral 89 everyday because it is very sensitive on the skin and keeps moisture in.

It also repairs and protects against harsh weather.

You should use Mineral 89 especially in the colder winter months.

The ingredients in the Vichy Mineral 89 are so pure and light. The main ingredient is volcanic-water and hyaluronic acid which makes up 89% of the mixture!

This is why it is called Vichy Mineral 89!

Essentially, if you want a barrier from harsh elements and you have sensitive or dry skin you will want to try the Vichy Mineral 89.

Click here to shop the Vichy Mineral 89.

What is the Best Vichy Moisturizers for Acne Prone Skin?

The best vichy moisturizers for acne prone skin from the Normaderm line is Normaderm Anti-Acne Moisturizer.

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Acne Moisturizer

The reason why the Anti-Acne Double Action Moisturizer is so good is because it contains 2% salicylic acid as well as hyaluronic acid and other vitamins.

Again, this moisturizer is perfect for acne prone skin because it helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier.

It also promises 24 hour skin hydration so you can be confident your skin is getting the nourishment around the clock.

The moisturizer has a really light feel to it and is good for oily skin.

Will the Vichy Elixir help with acne?

Vichy has a product called the Neovadiol Magistral Elixir.

The Elixir is a restoring oil that helps with very dry skin and provides a youthful appearance and glow.

The main ingredient is rich Omegas which make up for 10% of the ingredients in the Elixir.

The Elixir is more for anti-aging as it helps the skin replenish with the Omega 6-9 oils.

It is an ultra fine oil but it is not greasy, sticky or shiny.

It is suitable for sensitive skin and acts more like a serum.

If you have acne prone skin, the Elixir may not benefit you in any way but it may not harm you either.

Click here to learn more about the Neovadiol Magistral Elixir.

Vichy Foundation

Foundation from Vichy: Mineralblend

Now that we’ve got the Vichy anti-acne skin care figured out, we can discuss the recommended foundation for acne prone skin.

Vichy has only a few foundation options but focuses on skincare first.

The liquid foundation is called Mineralblend and comes in a liquid foundation.

The Mineralblend promises a 16 hour hydrating foundation that promotes healthy glowing skin.

It is breathable and is water based that allows your skin to shine through and not feel like your foundation is heavy.

The Mineralblend is composed of hyaluronic acid that helps with the moisture barrier.

There are 9 shades to choose from for the MineralBlend. Here are the Mineralblend swatches below:

Mineralblend Swatches

There is also the MineralBlend Healthy Glow Tri-Colour powder that helps to give you an overall finish.

Mineral Blend Tri-Glow finishing powder

There you have the best Vichy products for acne prone skin. If you have any questions please let me know in the comment box below!


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