Best Makeup Products 2018

Makeup in 2018 has been all about the eyeshadow palette.  I speak a lot about the best eyeshadow palettes of 2018 here.

There are a lot of other products that are taking the beauty industry by storm.  The best way to talk about the best makeup products 2018 is to consult the Allure Reader’s Choice Makeup Product Winners.  You can read all about the Allure Reader’s Choice Product winners here.

The best makeup products can be summed up in six main products that can provide you with an entire look! Yes, that’s really all you need is a few products to bring out your natural glow!

Best makeup products of 2018:

  1. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Gloss in Creme Brule

Best Makeup Products 2018 Allure Beauty Award Winners

This lip gloss from NYX Cosmetics is the perfect nude! It has a pink dominant look and it goes on like butter – hence the name! Lip gloss is making a come back to be one of the best makeup products in 2018 as liquid lipstick has really dominated.  It’s also really hard to find a perfect lip gloss that isn’t too sticky and this one is definitely close to that butter feeling.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

Best Makeup Products Amazonian Clay Blush by Tarte

This one seems to be one of the best blushes year over year.  Tarte is known for their cruelty free products and they have a modern yet earthy product line.  The Amazonian Clay line extends to eyeshadow, foundation, bronzer and more.  The Amazonian Clay is long lasting and the blush blends so well into skin without leaving harsh lines.  On Sephora, the Amazonian Clay Blush received almost a perfect 5 star rating with over 5.5 reviews.

3. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Best Makeup Products Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

If you have read this blog, you’ll know that I do love products from NARS but specifically, the concealer is one of my daily go to’s.  The colour I use in the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is not too thick (such as the IT Cosmetics under eye concealer), blends evenly and is perfect for under eye brightening.  It really blurs imperfections and hides fine lines and wrinkles.  If you pick any concealer, it should be this one – plus the applicator is really easy to apply with the perfect doe foot!

4. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

IT Cosmetics CC Perfecting Cream Reviews

If you purchase one foundation this whole year it should be the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.  With an SPF of 50, the IT Cosmetics CC Cream brightens and hydrates while protecting you from harmful UVB/UVA rays.  IT Cosmetics isn’t a fancy brand but it’s geared toward perfecting skin issues.  The packaging is very functional and as a tube, it allows you to take full advantage of the entire product in the tube.

5. Fenty by Rihanna Flyliner – $25 CAD

Best Makeup Products 2018

***I changed the next product in the original Allure Beauty Winners 2018 from the Kat Von D Tatoo liner – since the whole scandal has come out with her, I’m avoiding her products.***

Fenty by Rihanna is literally flying off of the shelves of Sephora! One of the latest additions to the Fenty product line is the “Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner“.  Priced reasonable at $25.00 CAD, the flyliner has received amazing reviews on Sephora and Influenster. It’s a water resistant, felt tipped eyeliner that has a triangle tube so you can grip it for that perfect winged eyeliner.  With all of the graphic eyeliner trends I would say the Flyliner goes beyond just a regular eyeliner, but is a multi-use product.

6. L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Best Makeup Products mascara 2018

The L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara is known as one of the best mascaras.  This comes from the mouths of makeup artists.  Many makeup artists alike swear by this mascara and it’s only $9.95 MSRP in Canada.  The brush on the Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara are soft and wavy and allow for a comfortable application.  I tend to find that mascaras are all the same and if I can purchase a drugstore mascara then I will be saving some cash! Not to mention, you have to replace your mascara every 3 months or so.

Have you used any of these products or do you think they deserve to be the best makeup products of 2018? You decide and let me know if this list is totally out of whack!