All Becca Cosmetics Highlighters on Sale and in Stock at Sephora

becca cosmetics highlighters on sale

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If you’ve been waiting for Becca Cosmetics to go on sale now is the time. Becca Cosmetics is being discontinued as of September 1, 2021.

You may have been waiting for the Becca Cosmetics sale on their skin perfectors and highlighters.

Sephora has them all on sale but they are not MARKED AS RED. It is a bit of a secret sale for all of the Becca Cosmetics products.

They are also not on sale in the sale section. This is a clear out of all of the Becca Cosmetics Highlighters and other products but they aren’t advertising it as a huge sale. You need to click through to this product page to find the Becca Cosmetics Skin Perfectors that are on sale.

You will also note that the famous Champagne Pop Highlighter is NOT on sale because Estee Lauder who owns Becca Cosmetics is going to keep that shade going. They are also going to keep the Under Eye Brightener (read my review here of the Becca Under Eye Brightener) because it is a best seller.

The way to get the Becca Cosmetics Highlighters on sale is that you have to click into the product page here for ALL BECCA HIGHLIGHERS. The big size of the Becca Cosmetics Highlighters are normally $50 CAD but they are half price at $25 CAD.

The mini versions of the highlighters are on sale for $15 CAD.

If you are unsure which Becca Cosmetics Highlighters will suit your skin tone, visit the product page on Sephora and they will tell you which colour matches your skin tone.


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